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Purely Aromatic Herbs

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BALM OF GILEAD Cedronella canariensis HHP  75cm. An aromatic herbaceous perennial from the Canaries with pink flowers and a warm balsamic scent that helps clear a headcold. Pot-pourri herb. Plant - £3.90
BERGAMOT, CAMBRIDGE SCARLET Monarda didyma 75cm. Traditional cottage garden favourite. Rich red flowers loved by bees and butterflies, and very aromatic foliage. The dried flowers make a sedative tisane. Plant - £3.00
BERGAMOT, LEMON Monarda didyma 75cm. Exotic lemon and bergamot scents combine in this pink flowered variety. Plant - £3.00
BERGAMOT, POYNTZFIELD PINK Monarda didyma 90cm. Deep pink flowers, very attractive. Plant - £3.00
CAMPHOR BUSH Artemisia camphorata/alba 60cm. From 3,000m in the Himalayas where it enjoys sunny scree conditions. It has a similar habit to Southernwood and will flourish in any well drained garden soil; useful as an aromatic and in pot-pourri with its health giving aroma. Plant - £3.90
CAMPHOR PLANT Tanacetum balsamita 90cm. Daisy-like flowers and camphor scented foliage best dried to deter moths from clothing or useful in pot-poutti. Plant - £1.50
CATMINT, GARDEN Nepeta mussinii 60cm. Aromatic grey-green foliage and lavender-like flowers. Loved by cats. Plant - £1.50
CHAMOMILE, LAWN or TRENEAGUE Chamaemelum nobile 'Treneague' P.E.  5cm. The most popular variety for the true chamomile lawn, creating a dense sward with a rich fruity scent, requiring no mowing. Plant 80 plantlets to the square metre - about 10cm apart,dibbling in with your fingers or plant amongst paving stones. 80 plantlets cost £13.90 (plus post of £7.50) Available from late may to late august. Plant - £1.50
CHINESE SPICEBUSH Elsholtzia stauntonii HHP  90cm. An aromatic deciduous shrub with a fruity-minty scent, not unlike an Orange(Lemon)Verbena. It is almost hardy but bring inside a cold greenhouse or polytunnel for the winter in northern gardens. Plant - £6.50
CHINESE SPICEBUSH Elsholtzia stauntonii HHP  90cm. An aromatic deciduous shrub with a fruit-minty scent not unlike an orange-lemon verbena; for use mainly as an aromatic and in pot-pourri. It is almost hardy but bring indoors in northern gardens. Plant - £6.50
COTTON LAVENDER Santolina chaemaecyparissus P E 45cm. Golden yellow button-like flowers and silver-grey fragrant foliage, useful in insect repellent sachets. Small Plant - £2.00
Large Plant - £4.90
CURRY PLANT Heichrysum italicum P E 75cm. A striking yellow flowered 'evergreen' shrub forming dense silver foliage with a warm curry scent. Useful as a garnish for meat and vegetable dishes only. Small Plant - £2.00
Large Plant - £4.90
CURRY PLANT, DWARF Helichrysum italicum serotinum P E 45cm. A more dense dwarf variety with fine scent, colour and yellow-bronze flowers. Small Plant - £2.00
Large Plant - £4.90
HONEYSUCKLE, WILD (Lus na meala) Lonicera periclymenum 450cm. Climber. Subtle rose-pink, yellow and cream flowers with a honeyed scent. Pot-pourri herb. Medicinal Plant - £6.50
LAVENDER , LARGE WHITE PE  45cm. Lovely long stemmed white flowered form providing colour contrast in amongst the blue and/pink varieties. Plant - £3.90
LAVENDER, DWARF WHITE Lavandula nana alba P E 20cm. A small variety but with profuse white flowers. Plant - £3.90
LAVENDER, FRENCH Lavandula stoechas HHP E 30cm. Unusually shaped aromatic flowers from spring to early summer with distinctly scented foliage.This is the wild species which is a wee bit smaller but hardier than the hybrids and more aromatic . Plant - £3.90
LAVENDER, HIDCOTE BLUE Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote P E 60cm. Deep purple-blue flowers. Makes a good dwarf hedge.The hardiest lavender we grow and able to withstand severe weather. Small Plant - £2.00
Large Plant - £3.90
LAVENDER, LODDON PINK Lavandula angustifolia P E 50cm. Delicate pink flowers. Plant amongst blue flowered varieties for contrast. Small Plant - £2.00
Large Plant - £3.90
LAVENDER, OLD ENGLISH (Lus-na-tuise) Lavandula angustifolia P E 90cm. Traditional cottage garden variety with light sky blue flowers. Use them fresh or dried in tisanes, baths, pot-pourri or linen-bags. Small Plant - £2.00
Large Plant - £3.90
MINT, BASIL Mentha citrata varia   50cm. Basil-like aroma and attractive mauve flowers Plant - £2.00
MINT, CORSICAN Mentha requienii 1cm. Minute leaves bearing peppermint scent, with tiny flowers. Plant - £2.00
MINT, EAU-DE-COLOGNE Mentha x piperita varia P RR 60cm. Rounded green and bronze-purple foliage with an exotic scent. Plant - £1.50
MINT, LAVENDER Mentha x gracilis P RR 45cm. Soft grey-green foliage with rich lavender-like fragrance and whorls of lilac flowers in late summer. Plant - £2.00
MINT, LEMON Mentha x piperita citrata 60cm. Distinct lush lemon/citrus aromatic foliage. Plant - £1.50
ORRIS Iris florentina 45cm. White flowers tinged with orange and mauve. The rhizome produces a violet-scented powder used in pot-pourri and cosmetics. Plant - £3.00
PATCHOULI Pogostemon patchouli / cablin T P 90cm. A subshrub from southern India bearing violet white flowers and exotically scented leaves. These produce an antiseptic oil with a warm long lasting heady aroma, that stimulates and sedates the nervous system. Grow indoors all year round. Plant - £9.90
PELARGONIUM, Lemon scent.. Pelargonium crispum HHP  30cm. Lemon scented crimped leaves, mauve flowers Plant - £3.90
PELARGONIUM, Lemon Variegated Pelargonium crispum variegatum HHP  30cm. Crinkle-cream edged lemon scented foliage. Plant - £3.90
PELARGONIUM, Attar of Roses Pelargonium graveolens HHP  30cm. Lovely rose scent. Pink flowers. Plant - £3.90
PELARGONIUM, Balsam scent Pelargonium quercifolium HHP  30cm. Oak leaf type. Rich rose-balsam scent. Plant - £3.90
PELARGONIUM, Peppermint Scent Pelargonium tomentosum HHP  30cm. Peppermint scented, large downy leaves, white flowers Plant - £3.90
PELARGONIUM, Prince of Orange Pelargonium citratus HHP  30cm. Strong citrus scent and pink flowers. Plant - £3.90
PELARGONIUM, Spicy scent Pelargonium fragrans HHP  30cm. Spicy scent. White Flowers Plant - £3.90
ROSA MUNDI Rosa gallica versicolour 90cm. A small shrub rose, suitable for the informal garden. Large and numerous semi-double aromatic crimson flowers, striped and splashed with pink and white. Plant - £7.90
ROSE, APOTHECARIES Rosa gallica officinalis 75cm. One of the oldest cultivated roses, bearing semi-double crimson-pink velvety flowers, richly scented. Adds a pleasant odour to any preparation, or for rose-water, rose cold cream, pot-pourri. Plant - £6.50
SAGE, SCARLET PINEAPPLE Salvia elegans HHP  60cm. Strong pineapple scented leaves excellent for pot-pourri. Plant - £3.90
SALVIA NUBICOLA Salvia nubicola 30cm. Our seed stock was gathered from pinewoods near to the source of the River Ganges. This handsome hardy herbaceous perennial has scented foliage and yellow/maroon flowers that exude an aromatic oil in late summer. It is happy in either a sunny situation or partial shade. Plant - £3.90
SOUTHERNWOOD/LAD'S LOVE/AIPPLE RINGIE. (Meath chaltuinn) Artemisia arbrotanum 90cm. Fragrant cottage garden favourite. Strong fruity scent and flavour. Use sparingly in cakes or salads, in pot-pourri or linen bags. Small Plant - £2.00
Large Plant - £4.90
THYME, AZORICUS Thymus caespititius P E 5cm. Cushions of spiky leaves richly scented of orange-pine.Mauve flowers. Plant - £1.50
THYME, LEMON CARAWAY Thymus herba-barona citrodara P E 8cm. Arching and creeping variety with mauve flowers and foliage exotically flavoured and scented of lemon and caraway. Plant - £2.00
THYME, PINK CHINTZ Thymus serphyllum P E 5cm. Creeping variety with masses of fresh pink flowers. Plant - £1.50
THYME, WHITE Thymus serphyllum albus P E 5cm. Bright white 'mats' of flowers. Interplant with mauve and pink varieties for contrast. Plant - £1.50
THYME, WILD/MOUNTAIN (Lus an righ) Thymus polytrichus brittanicus P E 5cm. Very hardy. 'Carpets' of mauve flowers and aromatic foliage. Plant - £1.50
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