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Suitable for low hedging.

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LAVENDER , LARGE WHITE PE  45cm. Lovely long stemmed white flowered form providing colour contrast in amongst the blue and/pink varieties. Plant - £3.90
BOX Buxus sempervirens P  E Evergreen shrub ideal for hedging the herb garden. Small Plant - £2.00
Large Plant - £4.90
BOX, DWARF Buxus sempervirens suffruticosa P F 15cm. A slow growing small variety for those gardeners wanting a minimal hedge. Plant - £3.90
TEA PLANT Camellia sinensis v. sinensis HHP  95cm. Our almost hardy variety originated from the Darjeeling area of West Bengal.It is best brought into a cold greenhouse or polytunnel during the winter for northern or frosty gardens .Grow in a container using ericaceous compost or outside all year round in warm sheltered gardens. The young leaves can be made into green tea, either fresh or dried, or fermented then dried for " black" tea. Numerous creamy-white waxy flowers appear from late summer , followed with large seed pods. Plant - £9.90
CURRY PLANT Heichrysum italicum P E 75cm. A striking yellow flowered 'evergreen' shrub forming dense silver foliage with a warm curry scent. Useful as a garnish for meat and vegetable dishes only. Small Plant - £2.00
Large Plant - £4.90
CURRY PLANT, DWARF Helichrysum italicum serotinum P E 45cm. A more dense dwarf variety with fine scent, colour and yellow-bronze flowers. Small Plant - £2.00
Large Plant - £4.90
a HYSSOP, BLUE (Isop) Hyssopus officinalis P E 45cm. An aromatic semi-evergreen bushy herb, bearing brilliant blue flowers that are enjoyed by butterflies. Excellent for sore throats, coughs, colds. A sprig in a stew provides a warm flavour. Plant - £2.00
Seeds - £1.50
HYSSOP, WHITE Hyssopus officinalis albus P E 45cm. White flowers enjoyed by bees. Hyssop in food aids digestion and improves appetite. Plant - £2.00
HYSSOP, DWARF Hyssopus officinalis aristatus P E 20cm. Neat aromatic bush, ideal for rock gardens producing clumps of blue flowers in late summer. Plant - £2.00
HYSSOP, PINK Hyssopus officinalis roseus P E 45cm. Bright pink flower spikes. Hyssop leaf applied to the skin helps reduce inflammations, bruises and stings. Plant - £2.00
LAVENDER, LODDON PINK Lavandula angustifolia P E 50cm. Delicate pink flowers. Plant amongst blue flowered varieties for contrast. Small Plant - £2.00
Large Plant - £3.90
LAVENDER, HIDCOTE BLUE Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote P E 60cm. Deep purple-blue flowers. Makes a good dwarf hedge.The hardiest lavender we grow and able to withstand severe weather. Small Plant - £2.00
Large Plant - £3.90
LAVENDER, OLD ENGLISH (Lus-na-tuise) Lavandula angustifolia P E 90cm. Traditional cottage garden variety with light sky blue flowers. Use them fresh or dried in tisanes, baths, pot-pourri or linen-bags. Small Plant - £2.00
Large Plant - £3.90
LAVENDER, DWARF WHITE Lavandula nana alba P E 20cm. A small variety but with profuse white flowers. Plant - £3.90
LAVENDER, FRENCH Lavandula stoechas HHP E 30cm. Unusually shaped aromatic flowers from spring to early summer with distinctly scented foliage.This is the wild species which is a wee bit smaller but hardier than the hybrids and more aromatic . Plant - £3.90
NANTEN Nandina domestica 90cm. A native shrub of Japan with bamboo-like foliage, white flowers followed by red berries. It is traditionally planted on the north-eastern side of houses to provide good luck and happiness. The berries are used in traditional medicine for coughs and asthma. Plant - £6.50
ROSA RUGOSA Rosa rugosa   150cm. A native from the seashores of Japan, China and Korea, and now cultivated in many temperate countries. It is very hardy, disease resistant and very suitable as a hedge or informal screen in exposed sites. The prolific dark red flowers, and large edible fruits have a citrus like flavour. ( remove the seeds first. ) Plant - £3.00
ROSEMARY, CORSICAN BLUE Rosmarinus officinalis P E 90cm. A semi-prostrate medium blue flowered variety that has stood several hard winters. It combines a good aroma with flavour and enjoys a well drained soil or large pot. Small Plant - £3.00
Large Plant - £6.50
ROSEMARY, MISS JESSOPP'S UPRIGHT Rosmarinus fastigiatus P E 120cm. Has a more upright, compact habit. Rosemary leaves make a benficial rinse for dark hair; medicinally a tisane relieves headaches. Small Plant - £3.00
Large Plant - £6.50
ROSEMARY, SEVERN SEAS Rosmarinus officinalis HHP P E 30cm. A good variety for growing in a pot, bearing semi-prostrate branches laden with early dark blue flowers. Bring into a sheltered place over winter. Small Plant - £3.00
Large Plant - £6.50
ROSEMARY, 'LILIE'S BLUE' Rosmarinus officinalis P E 170cm. A hardy and prolific early blue flowered rosemary originally from wild stock, yet with good scent and flavour. It is named after my gardening grandmother. Small Plant - £3.00
Large Plant - £4.90
ROSEMARY, WILD. (Ros Mhuire) Rosmarinus officinalis P E 120cm. The blue flowered aromatic evergreen shrub. Use lightly with lamb, stews, roast potatoes, soups and herb butter. Select a sheltered site with well drained soil. Small Plant - £3.00
Large Plant - £4.90
ROSEMARY, PINK Rosmarinus officinalis roseus P E 90cm. Attractive pink flowers and lighter green foliage bearing good scent and flavour. Sheltered site. Small Plant - £3.00
Large Plant - £6.50
RUE, JACKMAN'S BLUE Ruta graveolens P E 60cm. Deep bluish foliage with a scent reminiscent of gorse flowers on a spring day. Plant - £2.00
COTTON LAVENDER Santolina chaemaecyparissus P E 45cm. Golden yellow button-like flowers and silver-grey fragrant foliage, useful in insect repellent sachets. Small Plant - £2.00
Large Plant - £4.90
COTTON LAVENDER , GREEN Santolina rosmarinifolia P.E.  30cm. A dwarf evergreen shrub that grows at some altitude in the spanish Sierra Nevada, usually in amongst Lavenders and Rosemaries. It has a distinct olive-like aroma and makes a good edging plant with yellow flowers for the herb garden. Plant - £3.00
WALL GERMANDER Teucrium chamaedrys 30cm. Dark green oak-like leaves and whorls of rose-pink flowers, good for dwarf hedging or near a wall. It may be taken for dyspepsia or used in liqueurs, vermouths and tonic wines. Plant - £2.00
CEDAR, WHITE / ARBOR-VITAE, Thuja occidentalis 2000cm. A hardy coniferous tree from north america. The leaves and bark have a fruity- camphor aroma that finds their way into many remedies, for example helping to reduce inflammations, clear toxins internally and externally. Not for home use. It can be grown as a therapeutic hedging plant. Plant - £3.90
THYME, FRAGRANT/ORANGE Thymus fragrantissimus 30cm. Strong balsam-orange scented bush type with pink-white flowers. Useful in pot-pourri or try in an aromatic tisane. Plant - £2.00
THYME, GARDEN Thymus vulgaris 30cm. Neat evergreen bushes, bearing mauve-pink flowers, loved by bees and butterflies. Use a sprig as a garnish for all meat or vegetable dishes. Medicinally a mild and effective antiseptic. Planting close to beehives should help to reduce the varroa mite Plant - £1.50
THYME, COMPACT Thymus vulgaris compactum P E 15cm. A neat dwarf variety very suitable for the minimal garden, pot or formal edging. It has a good scent and flavour, use like Garden Thyme. Plant - £2.00
THYME, LEMON Thymus x citriodorus P E 30cm. Has a fruity flavour and a refreshing aroma. Excellent in salads, teas, herb butter and on fish and meat dishes. Plant - £1.50
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