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Cooking herbs, suitable for window box, trough or pot..

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a SORREL, BROAD LEAVED (Samh) Rumex rugosa/acetosa   Use the leaves sparingly as a garnish for soups or salads. The juice of the leaves will curdle milk or make junket. Plant - £1.50
Seeds - £1.00
BAY TREE   An evergreen shrub or small tree. use the leaves fresh or more flavoursome when dried in soups, stews, fish dishes or pickles. Grow in a container for northern or exposed gardens Small Plant - £6.50
Large Plant - £13.90
ROSEMARY , WHITE MOUNTAIN Rosmarinus officinalis albiflorus HHP  10cm. A delightful creeping variety from the mountains of Spain. It is moderately vigorous with white flowers and is suitable either for the rock garden, "flowing" over a wall, or in a patio pot. Protect during frosty/ wet northern winters. Plant - £6.50
c OYSTER PLANT (Tiodhlac na mara) Mertensia maritima 10cm. A very attractive creeping herbaceous perennial native to the coasts of northern and western Scotland. The trailing stems bear blue-green succulent leaves with an oyster-like flavour, and bright blue and pink flowers.The Scots Gaelic name means " Gift of the sea ".Enjoys a well drained soil, sow the seeds outside in the autumn Plant - £4.90
Seeds - £3.00
ROSEMARY, PROSTRATE Rosmarinus officinalis P E  10cm. A dwarf variety with very early light blue flowers, which is very suitable for a small patio pot or windowbox. Plant - £6.50
SAFFRON (Cro) Crocus sativus 10cm. Autumn flowering crocus containing long dark red styles with gold-tipped stigmas - the part of culinary and medicinal value. Sheltered site.The bulbs are usually available for planting in august. In northern gardens, grow in a cold frame or polytunnel. Bulbs (3) - £2.00
SAVORY, LEMON Satureja montana citriodara P E 15cm. Lemon savoury flavour for adding a flourish to food. Grow in a rock garden and clip back after flowering. Plant - £2.00
SAVORY, 'PURPLE MOUNTAIN' Satureja montana P E 15cm. A small attractive shrub from the hills of south-east Europe. It may be used in all savoury bean dishes and the purple flowers provide a bright garnish. Plant - £2.00
THYME, COMPACT Thymus vulgaris compactum P E 15cm. A neat dwarf variety very suitable for the minimal garden, pot or formal edging. It has a good scent and flavour, use like Garden Thyme. Plant - £2.00
g ICE PLANT Mesembryathemum crystallinum HHA  15cm. A lovely creeping succulent from the Canaries and Africa .It has glistening crystals along the edge of the bright green leaf and is good to eat in salads. The leaf also gives us a healing skin cream.Grow as a half hardy in the UK.Sow under glass in the spring. Seeds - £3.00
a CHIVES (Feuran) Allium schoenoprasum 20cm. Subtle onion flavoured leaves which are snipped like grass for use in salads, omelettes, cheese or baked potatoes. Plant - £1.50
Seeds - £1.00
a or c PARSLEY, CURLED (Pearsal) Petroselinum crispum Bi  20cm. The moss-curled variety for sauces, soups, salads and garnishing. Plant - £0.80
Seeds - £1.00
MARJORAM, DWARF Origanum vulgare compactum 20cm. Delightful late flowering small compact variety throwing clumps of pink flowers. Plant - £2.00
RAKKYO Allium chinense 20cm. In Japan this easily grown onion is used mainly in pickles. The strong flavoured leaves are also good to eat in salads and stir fries. Plant - £2.00
SAGE , TRICOLOUR HHPE  25cm. A more ornamental Salvia with attractive mauve, green and white foliage. Prefers a sheltered site or bring inside in frosty or northern gardens. It can be used in the kitchen but has a milder flavour. Plant - £3.90
g BASIL, SACRED or TULSI Ocimum sanctum/tenuiflorum HHA  25cm. Holy Hindu herb, sacred to Krishna and Vishnu and traditionally grown by temples. A hardier variety for northern gardens, but with a slightly more spicy flavour. Basils contain antiseptic properties. Available from april to september. Plant - £1.50
Seeds - £1.50
g ROCK SAMPHIRE Crithmum maritimum 30cm. Yellow-white flowers and succulent foliage which is excellent to eat either fresh, cooked or pickled.Its other name is "Sea Fennel "A native herbaceous perennial of the sandy or stony foreshore so grow in a well drained soil or raised bed. In northern/ upland gardens try it in a polytunnel for early delicate succulent shoots. Plant - £4.90
Seeds - £3.00
SAGE, SPANISH Salvia lavandulifolia P E  30cm. Small dark green leaves and violet/ purple flowers. A good edible aromatic variety for the small garden or pot. Recent research suggests that it may help to improve memory. Plant - £3.00
a or g CHIVES, GARLIC Allium tuberosum 30cm. From China. An irresistible combination of wild garlic and chives, excellent in cream cheese or crowdie. Plant - £1.50
Seeds - £1.00
OREGANO, GREEK Origanum vulgare ssp. hirtum 30cm. White flowered, warm scented and hot spicy flavoured variety from the mountains of Greece. Plant - £3.00
CHIVES, PINK PERFECTION Allium schoenoprasum roseum 30cm. R.H.S. Award of Garden Merit 1995. Chives make a handsome border plant if allowed to flower; dead head to promote more blooms. Our distinct pink form adds variety and is good to eat. Plant - £3.00
a or g PARSLEY, FRENCH Petroselinum crispum Bi  30cm. Plain leaved vigorous variety. Plant - £0.80
Seeds - £1.00
PELARGONIUM, Lemon scent.. Pelargonium crispum HHP  30cm. Lemon scented crimped leaves, mauve flowers Plant - £3.90
CHIVES, BLACK ISLE BLUSH Allium schoenoprasum 30cm. R.H.S. Award of Garden Merit 1995. Our own light mauve flowered variety which 'blushes' with a deep pink flower centre. Use as for common chives. Plant - £3.00
ROSEMARY, SEVERN SEAS Rosmarinus officinalis HHP P E 30cm. A good variety for growing in a pot, bearing semi-prostrate branches laden with early dark blue flowers. Bring into a sheltered place over winter. Small Plant - £3.00
Large Plant - £6.50
g BASIL, SWEET Ocimum basilicum HHA  30cm. Bright green aromatic leaves; an essential herb for tomato dishes, sauces, soups or salads. Available from april to august Plant - £1.50
Seeds - £1.00
BALM, DWARF LEMON Melissa officinalis compactum 30cm. For gardeners with limited space or wanting only the occasional leaf, this very compact deep green non flowering variety should be of interest. Plant - £2.00
OREGANO, TOMINTOUL Origanum vulgare 30cm. Scotland also has it's own distinct, very hardy varieties. This one comes from the Grampians and has a mild flavour that can be used in quantity. Plant - £1.50
LEMON MINT Mentha citrata 30cm. A small mint with a refeshing aroma and interesting flavour Plant - £1.50
SAVORY, WINTER Satureja montana 30cm. This perennial white flowered variety has quite a strong flavour for bean and pulse cookery. Use fresh or dried. Plant - £2.00
a SORREL, BUCKLER-LEAVED Rumex scutatus 30cm. Smaller leaved, but with a less sharp taste than the broad leaved. The mashed leaf mixed with lemon juice and sugar may be used as a green sauce with meat. Plant - £1.50
Seeds - £1.00
a WELSH ONION Allium fistulosum P E 30cm. Use the green leaves like chives for flavouring, especially in the winter. Has a milder flavour than the tree onion. Plant - £1.50
Seeds - £1.00
THYME, GARDEN Thymus vulgaris 30cm. Neat evergreen bushes, bearing mauve-pink flowers, loved by bees and butterflies. Use a sprig as a garnish for all meat or vegetable dishes. Medicinally a mild and effective antiseptic. Planting close to beehives should help to reduce the varroa mite Plant - £2.00
WASABI no MONZEN Wasabia japonica 30cm. A variety that produces a larger finger-sized root . It originated from the oldest Wasabi farm in Japan " Wasabi no Monzen" means in front of the gate of the temple. Grow in a cool moist border with plenty of organic compost and some shade, lift in the autumn and use fresh grated with sushi, using a ceramic grater . Plant - £7.90
THYME, LEMON Thymus x citriodorus P E 30cm. Has a fruity flavour and a refreshing aroma. Excellent in salads, teas, herb butter and on fish, pizzas and many dishes. Plant - £2.00
THYME, FRAGRANT/ORANGE Thymus fragrantissimus 30cm. Strong balsam-orange scented bush type with pink-white flowers. Useful in pot-pourri or try in an aromatic tisane. Plant - £2.00
ONION,TREE. "KIWI" Allium cepa proliferum 35cm. From New Zealand, a more shallot-like dividing bulb, producing slender foliage topped with dangling clusters of small salad- sized white-red bulblets. Plant - £1.50
SAGE, GOLDEN Salvia icterina HPE  40cm. A hardy golden leaved evergreen shrub that adds colour, aroma and flavour for any herb garden. Plant - £4.90
GOLDEN SAGE Salvia icterina HPE  40cm. A golden leaved variety that adds colour , aroma and flavour to any herb garden Plant - £4.90
MARJORAM, WILD OR SCOTS OREGANO (Lus-Marsalaidh) Origanum vulgare 45cm. A hardy native herb producing tufts of rose-mauve flowers. Use the leaves and flowers freely in salads, drinks and sauces. They also contain mild antisceptic properties. Plant - £1.50
a or c CHERVIL (Costag) Anthriscus cerefolium A Bi 45cm. Delicate scented anise flavoured leaves for garnishing soups, salads or sauces. Sow in August for a winter supply. Seeds - £1.00
a MARJORAM, POT Origanum vulgare 45cm. An important herb for seasoning meat, egg dishes and stuffing, with a warm balsamic scent and mild aromatic taste. Plant - £1.50
Seeds - £1.00
SAGE, SCARLET PINEAPPLE Salvia elegans HHP  60cm. Strong pineapple scented leaves excellent for pot-pourri. Plant - £3.90
SAGE, NARROW LEAVED Salvia officinalis P E 60cm. The narrow leaved free flowering variety wit a slightly stronger flavour. The fresh flowers are good in a herb tea that helps to keep away coughs and colds. Prune back quite hard after flowering to promote young growth. Plant - £2.00
BALM, GOLDEN Melissa officinalis aurea 60cm. A very attractive golden variegated form of lemon balm, with similar uses. Plant - £2.00
BASIL, AFRICAN BLUE Ocimum killmanscharicum X O basilicum purpurescens HHP  60cm. This hybrid perennial is not only a stunning ornamental with variegated foliage and bright purple flower spikes, but it has a great scent and flavour. Grow on a windowsill/porch/conservatory in the winter, and outdoors in the summer.It is the hardiest of the culinary perennial Basils. Plant - £6.50
a NASTURTIUM. Tropaeolum majus HHA  60cm. A native of south america and a vigorous annual that creeps or climbs depending on the situation.The leaves and flowers have a peppery flavour for salads and spicy soups. The fruits can be pickled like capers. Seeds - £1.50
c LOVAGE, SCOTS (Siunas) Ligusticum scoticum 60cm. Smaller native species with similar uses as Garden Lovage, better for a small garden.The Scots Gaelic name means "stormy" due to its preferred habitat on a rock face or just above a storm beach. Plant - £1.50
Seeds - £1.00
GARLIC, Giant Allium giganteum 60cm. Large juicy bulbs with mauve flower spikes that store well. Plant in autumn or spring in rich ground. Bulb - £2.00
STEVIA (Sugar Plant) Stevia rebaudiana T P 60cm. A deciduous half hardy shrub from Paraguay, where it is sometimes used to sweeten Mate. We use the leaves either fresh or dried to sweeten any herb tea and recommend it as a good alternative to cane or beet sugar. Grow indoors in the winter and outside in the summer or in a polytunnel in northern garden. Available from may to september. Plant - £7.90
SAGE, PURPLE/RED Salvia officinalis purpurea P E 60cm. Non-flowering variety with attractive deep red/purple foliage containing antiseptic properties, excellent for gargling away sore throats. Add some honey to help with the healing. Small Plant - £3.00
Large Plant - £4.90
MARJORAM, GOLD Origanum vulgare aureum 60cm. A hardy variegated form of the wild marjoram with similar culinary or medicinal uses. Gold-yellow foliage and mauve-pink flowers. Plant - £1.50
GINGER, TROPICAL Zingiber officinails TP  60cm. Native to south east Asia and extensively grown and used in food and medicine. Grow in a warm greenhouse in a semi- shaded place, lift and divide the rhizome in the winter, plant out young buds in the spring. Needs 20 to 30 c to prosper. Plant - £4.90
BALM OF GILEAD Cedronella canariensis HHP  75cm. An aromatic herbaceous perennial from the Canaries with pink flowers and a warm balsamic scent that helps clear a headcold. Pot-pourri herb. Plant - £3.90
SAGE, BROAD LEAVED (Slan lus) Salvia latifolia P E 75cm. The broad-leaved culinary sage. Use the leaves in stuffings or cheeses. Plant - £2.00
TARRAGON, FRENCH Artemisia dracunculus 75cm. An essential herb for tarragon vinegar, sauces, soups, egg and chicken dishes. Our hardy variety has an excelent colour, aroma and flavour. Plant - £3.90
ROSEMARY, PINK Rosmarinus officinalis roseus P E 90cm. Attractive pink flowers and lighter green foliage bearing good scent and flavour. Sheltered site. Small Plant - £3.00
Large Plant - £6.50
LEMON MYRTLE Backhousia citriodara HHPE  90cm. A small evergreen tree ( or shrub when pot grown) from northern Australia where it is grown in plantations for the distillation of a fine essential oil. Aboriginals use it when cooking with fish , but it can also be put into soups, stews,try coating cooked taties with the dried powdered leaves before lightly frying, delicious! The strong lemon flavoured leaves also make a refreshing herb tea. Grow outside in the summer ( if warm enough!) and bring to a cold greenhouse or similar place in the winter, repot every spring. Plant - £9.90
ROSEMARY, CORSICAN BLUE Rosmarinus officinalis P E 90cm. A semi-prostrate medium blue flowered variety that has stood several hard winters. It combines a good aroma with flavour and enjoys a well drained soil or large pot. Small Plant - £3.00
Large Plant - £6.50
CITRONELLA Cymbopogon nardus TP  90cm. A vigorous tropical grass from S.E. Asia, producing an oil that is essential for insect repellant, perfume, soap, food, drink and medicine. The leaves may be used for cooking and in drinks like Lemon grass. Grow indoors all year round. Plant - £6.50
a BALM, LEMON Melissa officinalis 90cm. Lemon flavoured and scented leaves best used fresh in soothing drinks, salads, sauces and stuffings. Pot-pourri herb.Rub the leaves around the beehive or plant close as an attractant and nectar source. Plant - £1.50
Seeds - £1.00
TURMERIC, DOMESTIC Curcuma longa TP  90cm. From India, the well known rhizome used in curries and for colouring food and fabrics. It has many medicinal uses not only as a digestive but also for improving the circulation, respiration,lowering cholestorol and much more. Recent researchs links it with stroke reduction and some anti-cancer properties.Grow it as a tender perennial, minimum temperature 15 degrees centigrade, in a semi shaded greenhouse/conservatory.Use fresh finely chopped then stir fried for soups, sauces and curries Plant - £4.90
a MITSUBA / JAPANESE PARSLEY Cryptotaenia japonica HHA  90cm. A popular and easily grown aromatic herb with a zesty celery-lovage type flavour.Good in soups, salads and tempura.Sow outside in the spring, and through the growing season. Seeds - £1.00
g LEMON GRASS Cymbopogon citratus HHP  90cm. Strong lemony flavoured leaves which may be cut for use in drinks, stir fries and many oriental dishes; they also make a refreshing herb tea especially with a leaf of Stevia. Grow in a sunny spot in the house and outdoors in warm summers. Plant - £6.50
Seeds - £3.00
LEMON VERBENA Aloysia triphylla HHP  90cm. A deciduous shrub from south America providing us with a rich lemon scent and flavour. The leaves are excellent in drinks, or salads, and for pot-pourri.It is one of our favourite fresh summer herb teas. Lovely small white-violet flowers in late summer. Bring indoors for the winter in cold climates. Plant - £4.90
a DILL (Dill) Anetheum graveolens 120cm. Fresh leaves for salads, fish dishes or cheese; seeds and leaves for pickling cucumbers or chutneys. Medicinally beneficial for infants' indigestion. Sow in succession for a regular supply of leaf. Seeds - £1.00
BASIL, CAMPHOR Ocimum kilimandscharicum HHP  120cm. A vigorous perennial and part parent of AFRICAN BLUE Basil. A crushed leaf creates a strong camphor aroma which will help clear a blocked nose and cold. In Africa it is used as a mosquito repellent and a commercial source for Camphor. Plant - £6.50
MYRTLE Myrtus communis HHP E 180cm. A fine shrub from southern Europe with glossy evergreen foliage, numerous white flowers and blue-black berries. The fragrant leaves may be used like bay leaves and the berries as a spice. Plant - £7.90
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