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Suitable for bees, butterflies etc

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a or c ANISE HYSSOP Agastache foeniculum Bi  75cm. Spikes of mauve-purple flowers, bedecked with butterflies and bees. Anise flavoured and scented leaves that make a fine fresh herb summer tea. Plant - £2.00
Seeds - £1.50
a or g ARNICA Arnica montana HP  40cm. A protected alpine herb with yellow-gold flowers from the mid european mountains. Poisonous internally, but it provides a fine external treatment as a cream, gel, oil or ointment for bruises and sprains, and in homeopathy for shock and injury. This is our own variety which is free flowering and vigorous.It enjoys growing in a rock garden with a slightly acidic soil. Plant - £4.00
Seeds - £3.00
a or g ARNICA, CATALAN Arnica montana HP  35cm. Species From the eastern Pyrenees with slightly more rounded leaves, enhanced yellow flowers and slightly dwarfer habit than its central european counterpart . Same medicinal properties and applications. Plant - £4.00
Seeds - £3.00
ARTICHOKE, GLOBE Cynara cardunculus/scolymus 170cm. A green globe variety that has withstood several long Highland winters. If the delicious flower bracts are not eaten, they make a very attractive large border flower. Plant - £4.00
BALM, LEMON Melissa officinalis 90cm. Lemon flavoured and scented leaves best used fresh in soothing drinks, salads, sauces and stuffings. Pot-pourri herb.Rub the leaves around the beehive or plant close as an attractant and nectar source. Plant - £2.00
BASIL, AFRICAN BLUE Ocimum killmanscharicum X O basilicum purpurescens HHP  60cm. This hybrid perennial is not only a stunning ornamental with variegated foliage and bright purple flower spikes, but it has a great scent and flavour. Grow on a windowsill/porch/conservatory in the winter, and outdoors in the summer.It is the hardiest of the culinary perennials. Usually available from may to september. Plant - £7.00
g BASIL, SACRED or TULSI Ocimum sanctum/tenuiflorum HHA  25cm. Holy Hindu herb, sacred to Krishna and Vishnu and traditionally grown by temples. A hardier variety for northern gardens, but with a slightly more spicy flavour. Basils contain antiseptic properties. Available from late april to early september. Plant - £2.00
Seeds - £2.00
g BASIL, SWEET Ocimum basilicum HHA  30cm. Bright green aromatic leaves; an essential herb for tomato dishes, sauces, soups or salads.Plants available from april to august Plant - £2.00
Seeds - £1.50
BERGAMOT, CAMBRIDGE SCARLET Monarda didyma 75cm. Traditional cottage garden favourite. Rich red flowers loved by bees and butterflies, and very aromatic foliage. The dried flowers make a sedative tisane. Plant - £5.00
BERGAMOT, LEMON Monarda didyma 75cm. Exotic lemon and bergamot aromas combine in this pink flowered variety. Plant - £5.00
BERGAMOT, POYNTZFIELD PINK Monarda didyma 90cm. Deep pink flowers, very attractive. Another common name for Bergamots is " Beebalm " . Plant - £5.00
a BETONY WOOD (Lus bheathag) Stachys / Betonica officinalis. 30cm. Deep green toothed leaves and two lipped purple-red flowers. Used in herbal medicine for example to help combat nervous exhaustion, anxiety and headaches.Semi-shaded site. Plant - £2.00
Seeds - £2.00
a BORAGE (Borrach) Borago officinalis 75cm. Brilliant blue flowers loved by bees. The cucumber flavoured leaves flavour drinks, and the flowers brighten salads. The seed oil is used to produce a health supplement. Seeds - £2.00
a BURDOCK HIMALAYAN , or KUTH / COSTUS Saussurea costus / lappa  P 180cm. Endangered in the wild due to overharvesting. Kuth is easy to cultivate as a large hardy herbaceous perennial. The large aromatic root is utilised in Ayurvedic medicine and perfumery.Bumble bees are addicted to the nectar and cluster onto the flowers. Plant - £5.00
Seeds - £4.00
BURNING BUSH (Lus a Phiobaire) Dictamnus purpureus HP  90cm. Lovely herbaceous perennial with long spikes of exotically scented oil rich pink flowers mottled with purple stripes and dots. The root bark has been used to lower fevers and infections. Dry sunny site. Sorry sold out Plant - £7.00
CARLINE THISTLE Carlina vulgaris P Bi 15cm. Thistle with a rosette of leaves producing a large round 'silvery' flower that dries well. It enjoys a rock garden type site and the root contains substances that help tone and clean the liver and urinary systems.If the flower heads are left on for the winter, they provide a "nest" for overwintering ladybirds. Plant - £4.00
CATMINT, GARDEN Nepeta mussinii 60cm. Aromatic grey-green leaves and masses of sprawling lavender-like flowers that are loved by bumble bees. Some cats like to sleep on or beside the foliage . Plant - £3.00
CHICORY Cichorium intybus 90cm. A native perennial with fine light blue flowers enjoyed by beneficial insects. The young roots can be forced to produce " chicons", or dried for a coffee substitute. Plant - £2.00
a CLOVER, RED (Seamrag Dhearg) Trifolium pratense   40cm. A native perennial that has several medicinal applications both externally and internally. The lovely red flowers attract many beneficial insects, and it is a short term fertility builder . Sow outside. Plant - £2.00
Seeds - £1.50
COMFREY, COMMON (Lus na cnamh briste) Symphytum officinalis 90cm. High potash plant food and high protein stock feed. The root and leaves provide a poultice for sprains and bruises . Our variety has creamy/ white flowers . Plant - £2.00
COMFREY, RUSSIAN Symphytum x uplandicum 100cm. A vigorous hybrid with bright purple flowers, a plant for the wild garden. Use for compost and liquid feeds, cutting regularly through the season Plant - £2.00
ECHINACEA ANGUSTIFOLIA Echinacea angustifolia HP  60cm. Deep pink 'coneflowers' and slender leaves. The root contains antiseptic properties that strengthen resistance to infection.Some botanists consider that it is a sub-species of E.pallida,however it is less vigorous and slower to mature than the latter. Sow under glass in spring Plant - £4.00
Seeds - £3.00
ECHINACEA PALLIDA Echinacea pallida HP  60cm. A longer more narrow leaved species with lighter pink flowers than E.angustifolia and easier to grow. Has the same medicinal applications. Plant - £4.00
a ECHINACEA PURPUREA Echinacea purpurea HP  60cm. The easiest species to grow, dark pink flowers that are very attractive to numerous varieties of butterflies and bumblebees, that flock and buzz around it on any summers day.With this species it is the the leaf that is sometimes used as well as the root to strengthen the immune system . Plant - £4.00
Seeds - £3.00
b FOXGLOVE (Lus nam ban sith) Digitalis purpurea Bi  90cm. Purple bell-shaped flowers enjoyed by bumble bees. Contains a poisonous substance - Digitalin, used as a heart stimulant.Sow the seeds in a corner or in the wild garden .. Plant - £2.00
Seeds - £1.50
GAYFEATHER Liatris spicata 45cm. 'Blazing Star'. Beautiful purple flower spikes. The tuberous root is used to help relieve sore throats. Plant - £4.00
c GOLDEN ROD Solidago virgaurea 75cm. Bright yellow flowers in branched spikes all summer, loved by bees. For treating stomach and kidney ailments and helping wound healing.Sow seeds outside in the autumn. Plant - £2.00
Seeds - £1.50
HONEYSUCKLE, WILD (Lus na meala) Lonicera periclymenum 450cm. Climber. Subtle rose-pink, yellow and cream flowers with a honeyed scent. Pot-pourri herb. Medicinal Plant - £7.00
a HYSSOP, BLUE (Isop) Hyssopus officinalis P E 45cm. An aromatic semi-evergreen bushy herb, bearing brilliant blue flowers that are enjoyed by butterflies. Excellent for sore throats, coughs, colds. A sprig in a stew provides a warm flavour. Plant - £3.00
Seeds - £2.00
HYSSOP, DWARF Hyssopus officinalis aristatus P E 20cm. Neat aromatic bush, ideal for rock gardens producing clumps of blue flowers in late summer. Plant - £3.00
HYSSOP, PINK Hyssopus officinalis roseus P E 45cm. Bright pink flower spikes. Hyssop leaf applied to the skin helps reduce inflammations, bruises and stings. Plant - £3.00
HYSSOP, WHITE Hyssopus officinalis albus P E 45cm. White flowers enjoyed by bees. Hyssop in food aids digestion and improves appetite. Plant - £3.00
KANUKA Kunzea ericoides PE  90cm. A shrub or small tree from north island New Zealand and eastern Australia that is hardy in a sheltered site here in the north of Scotland It is similar to Manuka in growth and habit but has softer foliage with clustered small white flowers. The essential oil contains anti- bacterial and insecticidal properties. The pounded leaves and flowers were used by Maoris in a poultice for sores and wounds. Plant - £11.00
LAVENDER, DWARF WHITE Lavandula nana alba P E 20cm. A small variety but with profuse white flowers. Plant - £5.00
LAVENDER, FRENCH Lavandula stoechas  PE 40cm. Unusually shaped aromatic flowers from spring to early summer with distinctly scented foliage.This is the wild species which is a wee bit smaller but hardier than the hybrids and more aromatic . Plant - £5.00
LAVENDER, FRINGED Lavandula dentata HHPE  40cm. A very aromatic leaved species from southern Spain , so grow as a half hardy in conservatory/porch or sunny window. The large blue flowers appear drom late autumn to early spring providing us with a stimulating reminder of the seasonal aromatic delights to follow. Plant - £5.00
LAVENDER, HIDCOTE BLUE Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote P E 60cm. Deep purple-blue flowers. Makes a good dwarf hedge.The hardiest lavender we grow and able to withstand severe weather. Small Plant - £3.00
Large Plant - £5.00
LAVENDER, LODDON PINK Lavandula angustifolia P E 50cm. Delicate pink flowers. Plant amongst blue flowered varieties for contrast. Small Plant - £3.00
Large Plant - £5.00
LAVENDER, OLD ENGLISH (Lus-na-tuise) Lavandula angustifolia P E 90cm. Traditional cottage garden variety with light sky blue flowers. Use them fresh or dried in tisanes, baths, pot-pourri or linen-bags. Small Plant - £3.00
Large Plant - £5.00
MANUKA Leptospermum scoparium PE  3000cm. An aromatic evergreen shrub or small tree from New Zealand that can be grown in a sheltered border. It is hardy here on the Black Isle north of Inverness. We grow the wild species ( not a cultivar) which has myrtle-like foliage and white/pink flowers that appear here in april/may and july. The bees that feed on the nectar provide us with the well known health giving honey. The bark and leaves also contain medicinal properties. Our young plants are usually about 20cm high. Plant - £7.00
MARJORAM, DWARF Origanum vulgare compactum 20cm. Delightful late flowering small compact variety throwing clumps of pink flowers. Plant - £2.00
MARJORAM, GOLD Origanum vulgare aureum 60cm. A hardy variegated form of the wild marjoram with similar culinary or medicinal uses. Gold-yellow foliage and mauve-pink flowers. Plant - £3.00
MARJORAM, POT Origanum vulgare 45cm. An important herb for seasoning meat, egg dishes and stuffing, with a warm balsamic scent and mild aromatic taste. Plant - £2.00
MARJORAM, WILD OR SCOTS OREGANO (Lus-Marsalaidh) Origanum vulgare 45cm. A hardy native herb producing tufts of rose-mauve flowers. Use the leaves and flowers freely in salads, drinks and sauces. They also contain mild antibacterial and antifungal properties. Plant - £2.00
MINT, BASIL Mentha citrata varia   50cm. Basil-like exotic aroma and attractive mauve flowers providing nectar for beneficial insects like hoverflies . Plant - £2.00
MINT, APPLE Mentha suaveolens 90cm. Woolly-green foliage, excellent for mint sauce and summer drinks.The late summer flowers attract butterflies . Plant - £2.00
MINT, BOWLES Mentha x villosa alopecuroides P RR 90cm. Originally from E. A. Bowles' garden. A larger form of Applemint with similar uses. Quite a collectors mint but allow it the freedom to spread . Rust free in our garden. Plant - £2.00
MINT, EAU-DE-COLOGNE Mentha x piperita varia P RR 60cm. Rounded green and purple-bronze foliage with an exotic uplifting aroma. Plant - £2.00
MINT, GINGER Mentha x gracilis varia P RR 30cm. Beautiful golden and green leaves, with a warm scent and flavour. Try it in salads and mayonnaise.This is not a vigorous species. Plant - £2.00
MINT, JAPANESE. Mentha arvensis var piperescens. HP  40cm. From Japan and the most common mint for the production of menthol with its cooling and warming effect. It is much used in many foods, confectionary and medicines. Enjoys a slightly moist rich soil. Plant - £2.00
a MINT, KOREAN Agastache rugosa 60cm. An oriental herbaceous perennial with mauve flowers loved by bees and butterflies. The fresh leaves make a delicate tisane. Plant - £2.00
Seeds - £1.50
MINT, LEMON Mentha x piperita citrata 40cm. Distinct lush lemon/citrus aromatic foliage. Plant - £2.00
MINT, MOROCCAN Mentha spicata P RR 60cm. The variety the Arabs drink, add a drop of honey and /or lemon, if you wish, for one of the most refreshing of summer herb teas. Plant - £2.00
MINT, PEPPER Mentha x piperita P RR 60cm. The pure black variety with strong scent and flavour. Contains antiseptic properties, excellent fresh or dried as a refreshing morning tea and for indigestion.It is a natural hybrid between spearmint and water mint. Plant - £2.00
MINT, RED RARIPILA Mentha x smithiana P RR 60cm. Unusual red-tinged foliage and a fruity scent. Goes well with peas, adding to the flavour and aroma. Plant - £2.00
MINT, SPEAR/ Spearmint (Mionnt gharaidh) Mentha spicata P RR 60cm. The usual garden mint for sauces and jelly. It is quite vigorous so keep contained, or plant in a semi wild area. Plant - £2.00
MINT, WATER. (Cairteal) Mentha aquatica P RR 60cm. Whorls of lilac flowers. A mild stimulant producing gentle perspiration, beneficial for colds and fevers. Moist site or waterside. Plant - £2.00
MORINA LONGIFOLIA Morina longifolia   60cm. From the upper Himalayan meadows and used locally as an ingredient of incense. An elegant herbaceous perennial with thistle-like leaves followed by beautiful deep to light pink flower spikes in late summer. The young leaves have a citrus-orange scent similar to that of Calamus. Plant - £5.00
Seeds - £3.00
a MOTHERWORT Leonurus cardiaca 90cm. A general tonic herb, 'allays nervousness, anxiaety and strengthens the heart, particularly for women.' Maple-like foliage and spires of mauve-pink flowers. Plant - £2.00
Seeds - £2.00
a MUSKMALLOW, WHITE (Lus-nam-meall-móra) Malva moschata alba 60cm. A cottage garden favourite with pink centred white flowers. Leaves, root and flowers are mainly used for their mucilagenous content which soothes sore throats and skin complaints.Sow seeds outside in the spring. Plant - £3.00
Seeds - £2.00
OREGANO, GREEK Origanum vulgare ssp. hirtum 30cm. White flowered, warm scented and hot spicy flavoured variety from the mountains of Greece.Use sparingly on pizzas, spaghetti, scatter the leaves onto "hot" salads. Contains anti-bacterial properties. Plant - £3.00
OREGANO, HIMALAYAN Origanum vulgare   30cm. From near Humla, north-west Nepal at 3600m . A hardy species with pink flowers that has a milder flavour than the white flowered Greek Oregano.Use freely in soups , stews, omlettes for its cleansing antisceptic properties. Plant - £3.00
OREGANO, TOMINTOUL Origanum vulgare 30cm. Scotland also has it's own distinct, very hardy varieties. This one comes from the Grampians and has a mild flavour that can be used in quantity. Plant - £2.00
c PASQUE FLOWER Pulsatilla vulgaris 20cm. Spring (often Easter) flowering herb with rich mauve-purple flowers containing golden stamens. Yields the homeopathic remedy Pulsatilla and has numerous medical uses. Suitable for the rock garden. Plant - £4.00
Seeds - £2.00
c PASQUE FLOWER , LESSER Pulsatilla pratensis 30cm. A larger leaved form of P.vulgaris with drooping mauve or purple flowers usually showing at Easter. It is preferred by some homeopaths Plant - £4.00
Seeds - £2.00
PENNYROYAL, UPRIGHT (Peighinn rioghail) Mentha pulegium 30cm. Non spreading mint with a stimulating peppermint scent and whorls of mauve flowers. Medicinal but not during pregnancy. Plant - £2.00
a POPPY, OPIUM (Codalian) Papaver somnifernum 60cm. An easily grown medicinal herb that creates an important medicine. Beautiful mauve and maroon flowers. Use the seeds on bread, cakes and curries. Sow outside in the spring, we can offer seeds by the gram, for example 5 grams for £7, 10 grams for £12.00 Seeds - £2.00
RASPBERRY, WILD (Subh-craoibh) Rubus idaeus 150cm. Wild stock from our croft. Raspberry leaf tea has a good reputation for easing labour pains; externally it may also be used as an eyewash, mouthwash or for ulcers and wounds. Plant - £3.00
ROSA MUNDI Rosa gallica versicolour 90cm. A small shrub rose, suitable for the informal garden. Large and numerous semi-double aromatic crimson flowers, striped and splashed with pink and white. Plant - £9.00
ROSEMARY , WHITE MOUNTAIN Rosmarinus officinalis albiflorus HHP  10cm. A delightful creeping variety from the mountains of Spain. It is moderately vigorous with white flowers and is suitable either for the rock garden, "flowing" over a wall, or in a patio pot. Protect during frosty/ wet northern winters. Plant - £7.00
ROSEMARY, BENENDEN BLUE Rosmarinus officinalis P E 90cm. Delicate and distinctive scented and flavoured foliage with lovely medium blue flowers. Sheltered site at base of south facing wall. Plant - £7.00
ROSEMARY, 'LILIE'S BLUE' Rosmarinus officinalis P E 170cm. A hardy and prolific early blue flowered rosemary originally from wild stock, yet with good scent and flavour. It is named after my gardening grandmother. Plant - £5.00
ROSEMARY, MISS JESSOPP'S UPRIGHT Rosmarinus fastigiatus P E 120cm. Has a more upright, compact habit. Rosemary leaves make a benficial rinse for dark hair; medicinally a tisane relieves headaches. Plant - £7.00
ROSEMARY, PINK Rosmarinus officinalis roseus P E 90cm. Attractive pink flowers which are often in flower in the winter. has lighter green foliage bearing good scent and flavour. Sheltered site. Plant - £7.00
ROSEMARY, PROSTRATE Rosmarinus officinalis P E  10cm. A dwarf variety with very early light blue flowers, which is very suitable for a small patio pot or windowbox. Plant - £7.00
ROSEMARY, SEVERN SEAS Rosmarinus officinalis HHP P E 30cm. A good variety for growing in a container , bearing semi-prostrate branches laden with early dark blue flowers. Bring into a sheltered place over winter. Plant - £7.00
ROSEMARY, WILD. (Ros Mhuire) Rosmarinus officinalis P E 120cm. The blue flowered wild variety of the well known aromatic evergreen shrub. Use lightly with lamb, stews, roast potatoes, soups and herb butter. Select a sheltered site with low fertility and well drained soil. Plant - £5.00
SAGE, NARROW LEAVED Salvia officinalis P E 60cm. The narrow leaved free flowering variety with a good flavour for the kitchen. The fresh flowers are also good in a slightly sweeter summer herb tea that helps to keep away coughs and colds. Prune back quite hard after flowering to promote young growth. Plant - £3.00
SAVORY, LEMON Satureja montana citriodara P E 15cm. Lemon savoury flavour for adding a flourish to food. Grow in a rock garden and clip back after flowering. The flowers buzz with bees in late summer Plant - £3.00
SAVORY, 'PURPLE MOUNTAIN' Satureja montana P E 15cm. A small attractive shrub from the hills of south-east Europe. It may be used in all savoury bean dishes and the purple flowers later in the summer provide a bright garnish. Plant - £3.00
SAVORY, WINTER Satureja montana 30cm. This perennial white flowered variety has quite a strong flavour for bean and pulse cookery. Use fresh or dried. Plant - £3.00
SCULLCAP, BAIKAL Scutellaria baicalensis 30cm. The 'cooling' root of this bright blue flowering hardy perennial from Russia and Mongolia has many medicinal applications .A lovely plant for the front of the border. Plant - £4.00
g SPIKENARD, HIMALAYAN. Nardostachys grandiflora / jatamansi 15cm. A small but potent alpine with bunched jasmine scented rosy-pink flowers, now in decline in the high Himalayas due to overharvesting of the valerian-patchouli scented roots. The essential oil extracted from the root contains anti-fungal and anti- bacterial properties, that have a relaxing harmonising effect. It was used by Mary Magdalene to anoint the feet of Jesus. "Jatamansi" enjoys a slightly acid, well drained soil in a rock garden. If you have wet conditions, cover with glass overwinter. Plant - £9.00
Seeds - £7.00
SWEET JOE-PIE Eupatorium purpureum 190cm. From N America, and named after an Indian healer. Handsome herbaceous plant, with purple stems and flowers. A restorative for kidney and urinary problems. Plant - £7.00
TEASEL (Leadan an Fhucadair) Dipsacus fullonum Bi  200cm. A stately biennial growing up to 2 metres high, sow the seeds in situ in spring and autumn. The young leaves are edible and the root is used in medicine. The lovely egg shaped powdery blue flowers attract many insects, the seeds are eaten by goldfinches.The dried seed heads have bristles that can be used to tease out wool. Plant - £2.00
b THISTLE , SCOTS Onorpodum acanthium BI  200cm. A large vigorous biennial with grey/white prickly leaves and classic mauve flowers. For heart conditions, cancers and ulcers. Loved by bumble bees and butterflies. Plant - £3.00
Seeds - £2.00
THYME, AZORICUS Thymus caespititius P E 5cm. Cushions of spiky leaves richly scented of orange-pine.Mauve flowers. Plant - £3.00
THYME, BROAD-LEAVED Thymus pulegioides P E 20cm. A very hardy large leaved semi prostrate variety with bright mauve flowers. Use like garden thyme. Plant - £3.00
THYME, COMPACT Thymus vulgaris compactum P E 15cm. A neat dwarf variety very suitable for the minimal garden, pot or formal edging. It has a good scent and flavour, use like Garden Thyme. Plant - £3.00
THYME, FRAGRANT/ORANGE Thymus fragrantissimus 30cm. Strong balsam-orange scented bush type with pink-white flowers. Useful in pot-pourri or try in an aromatic tisane. Plant - £3.00
THYME, GARDEN Thymus vulgaris 30cm. Neat evergreen bushes, bearing mauve-pink flowers, loved by bees and butterflies. Use a sprig as a garnish for all meat or vegetable dishes. Medicinally a mild and effective antiseptic. Planting close to beehives should help to reduce the varroa mite Plant - £3.00
THYME, LEMON Thymus x citriodorus P E 30cm. Has a fruity flavour and a refreshing aroma. Excellent in salads, teas, herb butter and on fish, pizzas and many dishes. Plant - £3.00
THYME, WILD/MOUNTAIN (Lus an righ) Thymus polytrichus brittanicus PE  5cm. Very hardy. 'Carpets' of mauve flowers that attract numerous bumble bees and aromatic foliage. Plant - £3.00
c VETCH, BITTER or MOUNTAIN (Carmeal) Lathyrus montanus / linifolius 30cm. Native to upland areas of the UK producing pink/blue flowers. When sucked fresh the small root nodules have a liquorice-like flavour, that acts like a tonic reducing hunger and providing mild stimulation. Good for long distance trekking. Plant - £4.00
Seeds - £3.00
a WELSH ONION Allium fistulosum P E 30cm. Use the green leaves like chives for flavouring, especially in the winter. Has a milder flavour than the tree onion.Sow the seeds outside in the spring. we can offer them by the gram, for example £3.50 for 5 grams. Plant - £2.00
Seeds - £1.50
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