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Suitable for cold greenhouse/conservatory or porch.

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ALOE VERA Aloe vera/barbadensis T P 30cm. The leaf juice from this attractive succulent provides us with an effective external remedy for minor burns, stings and skin problems. If you want to use it internally we recommend that you seek medical advice .Grow on a sunny windowsill or conservatory. Small Plant - £7.00
Large Plant - £11.00
g ASHWAGANDHA (or Indian Ginseng) Withania somnifera HHA  60cm. Important Ayurvedic herb with ginseng-like properties. Grow as half-hardy annual, harvesting the roots. In northern gardens either grow in a polytunnel/cold frame or in a container. Plant - £4.00
Seeds - £3.00
BALM OF GILEAD Cedronella canariensis HHP  75cm. An aromatic herbaceous perennial from the Canaries with pink flowers and a warm balsamic scent that helps clear a headcold. Pot-pourri herb. Plant - £4.00
BASIL, AFRICAN BLUE Ocimum killmanscharicum X O basilicum purpurescens HHP  60cm. This hybrid perennial is not only a stunning ornamental with variegated foliage and bright purple flower spikes, but it has a great scent and flavour. Grow on a windowsill/porch/conservatory in the winter, and outdoors in the summer.It is the hardiest of the culinary perennials. Usually available from may to september. Plant - £7.00
BASIL, CAMPHOR Ocimum kilimandscharicum HHP  120cm. A vigorous perennial and part parent of AFRICAN BLUE Basil. A crushed leaf creates a strong camphor aroma which will help clear a blocked nose and cold. In Africa it is used as a mosquito repellent and a commercial source for Camphor. Plant - £7.00
g BASIL, SACRED or TULSI Ocimum sanctum/tenuiflorum HHA  25cm. Holy Hindu herb, sacred to Krishna and Vishnu and traditionally grown by temples. A hardier variety for northern gardens, but with a slightly more spicy flavour. Basils contain antiseptic properties. Available from late april to early september. Plant - £2.00
Seeds - £2.00
g BASIL, SWEET Ocimum basilicum HHA  30cm. Bright green aromatic leaves; an essential herb for tomato dishes, sauces, soups or salads.Plants available from april to august Plant - £2.00
Seeds - £1.50
BETEL Piper betle TPE  10cm. A tender evergreen climber with glossy pointed leaves that will creep or clamber depending on the habitat. It requires a lot of warmth and some humidity so grow in a shaded area of a heated greenhouse or conservatory, being a native of southern Asia. The leaves have a slightly spicy flavour with medicinal properties, to be nibbled in moderation. Plant - £16.00
CARDAMOM Elettaria cardamomum TP  60cm. An attractive houseplant with deep green glossy leaves that are scented and flavoured; try the leaf in a delicate aromatic tea since it is shy to flower and seed. Grow indoors in a shady place. Plant - £7.00
CAROB TREE Ceratonia siliqua   An evergreen shrub or small tree from the mediteranean that produces edible fruit pods which can be dried and powdered. These can be used as a chocolate substitute in cakes biscuits and drinks. It is not hardy in the northern UK so grow as a half hardy perennial in a large container. Plant - £7.00
CHASTE TREE Vitex agnus castus HHP  120cm. European aromatic deciduous shrub that is hardy in a sheltered garden, producing small lilac coloured flowers.Bring in for the winter in northern or frosty gardens. The seeds and leaves contain substances which alleviate or stimulate hormonal activity depending on your gender. Plant - £7.00
CITRONELLA Cymbopogon nardus TP  90cm. A vigorous tropical grass from S.E. Asia, producing an oil that is used as an insect repellant, in perfume, soap, food, drink and medicine. The leaves may be used for cooking in a similar way as Lemon Grass. One of our favourite refreshing summer herb tisanes . Grow indoors all year round. Plant - £7.00
CORIANDER, VIETNAMESE Persicaria odorata HHP  60cm. An easily grown perennial with strong lemony coriander aromatic leaves used in SE Asian cooking.It is half-hardy so bring in to a frost free place for the winter. Plant - £5.00
CRETAN ROCK-ROSE Cistus creticus HHPE  95cm. Evergreen shrub with glossy sticky leaves and pink flowers. The leaf resin is collected and used for flavouring chewing gum, ice cream. Medicinal with antibiotic effects. Grow as a HHP in northern gardens. Plant - £7.00
DITTANY OF CRETE Origanum dictamnus HHP E 30cm. A small attractive shrub with 'downy' foliage and clustered pink flowers in late summer. The leaves contain strong antiseptics, which are used in Greece for a medicinal tea, and in France/Italy for flavouring vermouth. Plant - £7.00
GINGER, JAPANESE MIOGA Zingiber mioga HHP  60cm. In Japan, the delicate flower buds are blanched, chopped and eaten in miso soup, tofu, noodles,sashimi, tempura or sweet pickles. If allowed to develop they become fine yellow and white flowers. Enjoys a shaded moist site. Plant - £7.00
GINGER, TROPICAL Zingiber officinails TP  60cm. Native to south east Asia and extensively grown and used in food and medicine. Grow in a warm greenhouse in a semi- shaded place, lift and divide the rhizome in the winter, plant out young buds in the spring. Needs a temperature of 20 to 30 c to prosper. Plant - £5.00
c GINSENG, ASIAN Panax ginseng 30cm. Native to Korea and China, the most revered with a 7000 year old reputation as a tonic stimulant, improving the body's ability to develop stamina and stress resistance. Grow in a cold frame or polytunnel in northern gardens, it enjoys a well drained soil with some shade in the summer.Seeds are usually available later in november, sow outside or in a polytunnel, dormant roots are usually available from november to early march. This is not an easy plant to grow and is for experienced gardeners only. Small Plant - £16.00
Large Plant - £33.00
Seeds - £7.00
GOTU KOLA Centella/Hydrocatyle asiatica HHP  10cm. Important Ayurvedic herb, the leaves may be eaten as a salad or used in medicine, for example as a tonic and anti-rheumatic. Moist, sheltered site. Plant - £5.00
GUM CISTUS Cistus landanifer HHPE  45cm. From the Spanish Sierra Nevada, a lovely evergreen shrub with slightly sticky linear leaves. These have a very sweet and warm scented aroma from which an oil is extracted for use in perfumes , drinks and food. Large white flowers appear in early summer. Grow as a HHP in a container bringing in for the winter in northern gardens. Plant - £9.00
JASMINE , WHITE. Jasminum officinale 3000cm. Hardy in the south but half hardy in northern or upland gardens,this evergreen climber from central asia bears very sweet and seductively scented flowers in the evening and at night. These and the extracted oil are used in perfumes, teas and flavourings. Plant - £9.00
KAWA-KAWA Piper excelsum HHPE  90cm. A native of north island New Zealand where it grows prolifically under the bush canopy. In northern areas of the UK it is best grown as a half hardy perennial, keeping in a shaded place in a frost free greenhouse or conservatory for the winter, place outside in a warm summer or for exposed gardens in a shaded polytunnel. An evergreen shrub with glossy leaves that have a spicy tingly flavour. Maoris have used the leaves in an anti-inflammatory ointment and the seeds as a spice. Plant - £16.00
KHAT Catha edulis HHPE  90cm. A small tree originating from the countries bordering the Red Sea but surprisingly almost hardy here. Grow like a Bay tree in a large pot and bring inside to a cool greenhouse or sheltered place during cold winters. The leaves and stems have a reddish hue and can be infused (in moderation) as a herb tea providing a very mild mental stimulant and appetite suppressant.This effect can be similar to drinking a cup of tea ( Camellia sinensis )or coffee ( Coffea arabica). Plant - £11.00
Large Plant - £24.00
LAVENDER, FRINGED Lavandula dentata HHPE  40cm. A very aromatic leaved species from southern Spain , so grow as a half hardy in conservatory/porch or sunny window. The large blue flowers appear drom late autumn to early spring providing us with a stimulating reminder of the seasonal aromatic delights to follow. Plant - £5.00
LEMON GRASS Cymbopogon citratus HHP  90cm. Strong lemony flavoured leaves which may be cut for use in drinks, stir fries and many oriental dishes; they also make a refreshing herb tea especially with a leaf of Stevia. Grow in a sunny spot in the house and outdoors only in warm summers. Available from may to september Plant - £7.00
LEMON MYRTLE Backhousia citriodara HHPE  2000cm. A small evergreen tree ( or shrub when pot grown) from northern Australia where it is grown in plantations for the distillation of a fine essential oil. Aboriginals use it when cooking with fish , but it can also be put into soups, stews,try coating cooked taties with the dried powdered leaves before lightly frying, delicious! The strong lemon flavoured leaves also make a refreshing herb tea. Grow outside in warm summers and bring to a cold greenhouse or similar place in the winter, repot every spring. Plant - £11.00
LEMON VERBENA Aloysia triphylla HHP  90cm. A deciduous shrub from south America providing us with a rich lemon scent and flavour. The leaves are excellent in drinks, or salads, and for pot-pourri.It is one of our favourite fresh summer herb teas. Lovely small white-violet flowers in late summer. Bring indoors for the winter in cold climates. Plant - £5.00
g LOBELIA INFLATA ( Indian Tobacco ) Lobelia Inflata A Bi 30cm. Violet-blue flowered north American herb. Poisonous internally but may be used externally for bruises, sprains and inflammations. Sow seeds under glass in march/april, slow to germinate. Plants sometimes available in september Plant - £3.00
Seeds - £3.00
MINT, PERUVIAN. Minthostachys mollis ssp "Andina" HHPE  60cm. Better known in Peru as "Muna"or "Ishimuna( Quecha), makes one of our favourite herb teas especially as a digestive after a meal. There are local medicinal applications for example as a cleanser and to prevent coughs and colds. In northern parts of the UK grow as a half hardy perennial in a container. The delicious flavour varies according to the season, it is more mint-like in the summer, then the undertones of thyme and sage emerge in the winter. Plant - £7.00
a MITSUBA / JAPANESE PARSLEY Cryptotaenia japonica HHA  90cm. A popular and easily grown aromatic herb with a zesty celery-lovage type flavour.Good in soups, salads and tempura.Sow outside in the spring, and through the growing season. Seeds - £1.50
MYRTLE Myrtus communis HHP E 180cm. A fine shrub from southern Europe with glossy evergreen foliage, numerous white flowers and blue-black berries. The fragrant leaves may be used like bay leaves and the berries as a spice. Plant - £9.00
PASSION FLOWER, WILD Passiflora incarnata HHP  200cm. A perennial deciduous climber from north America with elaborate and strikingly beautiful aromatic flowers. The whole plant is a well known herbal sedative usually in combination with hop and valerian. It is half hardy in the UK so bring in for the winter. Plant - £7.00
PATCHOULI Pogostemon patchouli / cablin T P 90cm. A subshrub from southern India bearing violet white flowers and exotically scented leaves. These produce an antiseptic oil with a warm long lasting heady aroma, that stimulates and sedates the nervous system. Grow indoors all year round. Plant - £11.00
PELARGONIUM, Lemon scent.. Pelargonium crispum HHP  30cm. Lemon scented crimped leaves, mauve flowers Plant - £4.00
PELARGONIUM, Lemon Variegated Pelargonium crispum variegatum HHP  30cm. Crinkle-cream edged lemon scented foliage. Plant - £4.00
PELARGONIUM, Attar of Roses Pelargonium graveolens HHP  30cm. Lovely rose scent. Pink flowers. Plant - £4.00
PELARGONIUM, Balsam scent Pelargonium quercifolium HHP  30cm. Oak leaf type. Rich rose-balsam scent. Plant - £4.00
PELARGONIUM, Peppermint Scent Pelargonium tomentosum HHP  30cm. Peppermint scented, large downy leaves, white flowers Plant - £4.00
PELARGONIUM, Prince of Orange Pelargonium citratus HHP  30cm. Strong citrus scent and pink flowers. Plant - £4.00
PELARGONIUM, Spicy scent Pelargonium fragrans HHP  30cm. Spicy scent. White Flowers Plant - £4.00
ROSEMARY , WHITE MOUNTAIN Rosmarinus officinalis albiflorus HHP  10cm. A delightful creeping variety from the mountains of Spain. It is moderately vigorous with white flowers and is suitable either for the rock garden, "flowing" over a wall, or in a patio pot. Protect during frosty/ wet northern winters. Plant - £7.00
ROSEMARY, BENENDEN BLUE Rosmarinus officinalis P E 90cm. Delicate and distinctive scented and flavoured foliage with lovely medium blue flowers. Sheltered site at base of south facing wall. Plant - £7.00
ROSEMARY, PINK Rosmarinus officinalis roseus P E 90cm. Attractive pink flowers which are often in flower in the winter. has lighter green foliage bearing good scent and flavour. Sheltered site. Plant - £7.00
ROSEMARY, PROSTRATE Rosmarinus officinalis P E  10cm. A dwarf variety with very early light blue flowers, which is very suitable for a small patio pot or windowbox. Plant - £7.00
ROSEMARY, SEVERN SEAS Rosmarinus officinalis HHP P E 30cm. A good variety for growing in a container , bearing semi-prostrate branches laden with early dark blue flowers. Bring into a sheltered place over winter. Plant - £7.00
SAGE , TRICOLOUR HHPE  25cm. A more ornamental Salvia with attractive mauve, green and white foliage. Prefers a sheltered site or bring inside in frosty or northern gardens. It can be used in the kitchen but has a milder flavour. Plant - £4.00
SAGE, SCARLET PINEAPPLE Salvia elegans HHP  60cm. Strong pineapple scented leaves excellent for pot-pourri. Plant - £4.00
SENRYO Sarcandra glabra HHP  1500cm. A half hardy subshrub from Japan and south-east asia, that has many medicinal uses including immune enhancing properties. The leaves can be infused and the bright red berries are edible.The stems and berries are used for New Year decorations.Grow in a container in conservatory or greenhouse , place outside in warm summers. Plant - £7.00
STEVIA (Sugar Plant) Stevia rebaudiana HHP P 60cm. A deciduous half hardy shrub from Paraguay, where it is sometimes used to sweeten Mate. We use the leaves either fresh or dried to sweeten any herb tea and recommend it as a good alternative to cane or beet sugar. Grow indoors in the winter and outside in the summer or in a polytunnel in northern garden. Available from may to september. Plant - £9.00
TEA PLANT Camellia sinensis v. sinensis HHPE  95cm. Our almost hardy variety originated from the Darjeeling area of West Bengal. When young,it is best brought into a cold greenhouse or polytunnel during the winter for northern or frosty gardens .Grow in a container using ericaceous compost or outside when larger in warm sheltered gardens. The young leaves can be made into green tea, either fresh or dried, or fermented then dried for " black" tea. Numerous creamy-white waxy flowers appear from late summer , followed with large seed pods. Plant - £11.00
TEA TREE Melaleuca alternifolia  HHPE 3000cm. A traditional Australian aboriginal remedy well known for its aromatic antiseptic properties, being effective against bacterial and fungal infections as well as having several cosmetic uses. The fresh leaf may be rubbed onto stings, skin infections and abrasions; an inhaled infusion helps relieve coughs and colds. It may be either grown in a large container and brought in for the winter, or allowed to develop into a large shrub in a sheltered site outdside. It is hardy here growing by a south facing wall. Plant - £7.00
TEA TREE, LEMON Lectospermum petersonii HHPE  100cm. From eastern Australia, a lovely evergreen shrub with very aromatic and tasty lemon flavoured leaves. Grow in a good sized conservatory or in a large container for the patio during the summer . An essential oil is obtained from the leaves, prune occassionally to maintain shape and size Plant - £11.00
TURMERIC, DOMESTIC Curcuma longa TP  90cm. From India, the well known rhizome used in curries and for colouring food and fabrics. It has many medicinal uses not only as a digestive but also for improving the circulation, respiration,lowering cholestorol and much more. Recent researchs links it with stroke reduction and some anti-cancer properties.Grow it as a tender perennial, minimum temperature 15 degrees centigrade, in a semi shaded greenhouse/conservatory.Use fresh finely chopped then stir fried for soups, sauces and curries Plant - £5.00
YERBA SANTA / PEPPERLEAF Piper auritum TP  5000cm. A vigorous climber from Mexico producing very large aromatic leaves which are used to wrap food before baking. The leaf can also be fried at the base of a tortilla to give it added spicy aroma and flavour .The flowers are long, cylindrical and creamy-white. It is a relative of Piper nigrum - Common Pepper. An exotic plant that needs plenty of space and warmth in the winter . Not to be confused with Eriodictyon californicum . Plant - £11.00
YUZU Citrus juno HHPE  2000cm. A small citrus tree from Japan.It is very popular there for juice and candied peel. Easy to grow and hardy in sheltered southern areas. Grow under protection in northern gardens using ericaceous compost . The distinct glossy leaves are full of lemon scent and flavour also.(Plants are about 15 cms high when sold) Plant - £11.00
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