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Ground cover herbs.

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ABSCESS ROOT Polemonium reptans 30cm. A north American herb with astringent properties. Bright blue branched spring flowers and dense pinnate foliage. Shaded moist site. Plant - £4.00
ASARABACCA (Asair) Asarum europaeum P E 15cm. Excellent ground cover with deep green kidney-shaped leaves. The rhizomes were once dried and powdered to produce a snuff. Shaded site. Plant - £5.00
BEARBERRY (Grainnseag) Arctostaphylos uva ursi PE  10cm. Highland mat forming evergreen shrub with glossy leathery pointed leaves,early pink clustered flowers followed by bright autumn red berries.Rock garden with acid soil. A well known antiseptic and diuretic for urinary and bladder problems such as cystitis. Plant - £5.00
BUTTERBUR, JAPANESE / FUKI . Petasites japonicus P RR 15cm. A plant for the moist partially shaded wild garden where the early cream flowers and large round leaves should be appreciated. Butterbur stem and leaf are toxic when eaten fresh, but salted, blanched, cooled in ice water, and cooked again, provides a delicate vegetable. Plant - £3.00
CHAMOMILE, LAWN or TRENEAGUE Chamaemelum nobile 'Treneague' P.E.  5cm. The most popular variety for the true chamomile lawn, creating a dense sward with a rich fruity scent, requiring no mowing.We have either small plants or for larger areas plant 80 plantlets( rooted stolons) to the square metre - about 10cm apart, dibbling in with your fingers or plant amongst paving stones. 80 plantlets cost £24.00 (plus postage ) Available from late may to late august. Plant - £2.00
a CLOVER, RED (Seamrag Dhearg) Trifolium pratense   40cm. A native perennial that has several medicinal applications both externally and internally. The lovely red flowers attract many beneficial insects, and it is a short term fertility builder . Sow outside. Plant - £2.00
Seeds - £1.50
COMFREY,DWARF Symphytum ibericum 30cm. Excellent ground cover. Dense foliage and clusters of cream coloured flowers in spring and autumn. Plant - £2.00
c COWBERRY / LINGONBERRY (Lus nam Broileag) Vaccinium vitis-idaea 20cm. 'Red Whortleberry'. Highland evergreen herb. Pink or white flowers followed by red edible autumn/winter berries. Prefers acidic soil conditions and a wee bit of shade .Sow the seeds outside in the autumn. Plant - £5.00
Seeds - £2.00
CRANBERRY (Muileag) Vaccinium oxycoccus 2cm. A creeping Scots native plant with tiny pink flowers and small juicy red berries.It is quite a delicate plant so grow on for one or two seasons in ericaceous compost until large enough to cope with native spagnum bog conditions, best planted in the spring. This is not the species that produces Cranberry juice (which is V. macrocarpus) Plant - £7.00
CYCLAMEN,WILD Cyclamen hederifolium   20cm. A hardy native of southern UK deciduous woodlands and south to the mediterranean. Its ivy like leaves and lovely purple flowers brighten up a shaded moist corner.Once used in traditional medicine, now only in homeopathy. Plant - £4.00
DOG'S MERCURY Mercurialis perennis 30cm. A native of deciduous woodland creating summer ground cover with small green flowers. A fresh herb essence is used in homoeopathy for rheumatism, gall bladder and liver problems, but this plant should not be used for self-medication. Plant - £2.00
GINGER, WILD Asarum canadense. 10cm. Creeping perennial native to North America and Russia, with kidney shaped leaves and a gingery scented root. Native people in north America used the root for many purposes, for example to ease coughs and rheumatic problems. Plant - £7.00
GOLDEN SEAL Hydrastis canadensis 30cm. North American medicinal herb with brilliant golden root. Important mucous membrane healer, externally for sores and wounds.Used in homoeopathy. Enjoys a slightly moist shaded(in summer) site with added leafmould. We have dried root for sale to herbalists...100 grams = £30.00 plus delivery. We can also offer fresh or dried root by the kilo for tincture making, from mid-october to mid-march for GB customers,please enquire for more details. Small Plant - £9.00
Large Plant - £16.00
GOTU KOLA Centella/Hydrocatyle asiatica HHP  10cm. Important Ayurvedic herb, the leaves may be eaten as a salad or used in medicine, for example as a tonic and anti-rheumatic. Moist, sheltered site. Plant - £5.00
HERB PARIS Paris quadrifolia 20cm. A rare and remarkable native poisonous plant with four or more whorls of leaves,attractive yellowy-green flowers and a blue/black berry. Used in homoeopathy . Enjoys a shaded site in summer with a humus rich soil. Plant - £7.00
JAPANESE HYACINTH / Ophiopogon japonicus 30cm. An evergreen ground cover medicinal herb with "flowing" foliage, small lilac bell-like flowers followed with blue berries. The tubers give us a soothing remedy for cough and fevers. Plant - £5.00
KUTKI Picrorhiza kurroa/scrophularifolia 15cm. A Himalayan alpine threatened due to over harvesting. The root and leaf act as bitter tonics and the elaborate blue flowers are a welcome addition to the rock garden. Plant - £7.00
LADYS MANTLE (Copan an druichd) Alchemilla xanthochlora/vulgaris 20cm. Graceful fan-shaped pleated leaves and yellow green flowers. For menstruation problems and as a wound herb. Plant - £2.00
LIQUORICE FERN Polypodium glycyrrhiza 10cm. North American native with a rhizome that has a delicate liquorice flavour, traditionally used to help clear coughs. Grow in dapple shade. Plant - £7.00
MADDER (Madar) Rubia tinctorum 90cm. Creeping herb with yellow star-like flowers. The root yields a red dye, and is also used in homeopathy. Plant - £4.00
MINT, BASIL Mentha citrata varia   50cm. Basil-like exotic aroma and attractive mauve flowers providing nectar for beneficial insects like hoverflies . Plant - £2.00
MINT, CORSICAN Mentha requienii 1cm. Minute leaves bearing a strong peppermint scent, with tiny blue flowers.Grows well in the shade of paving stones, can be container grown outside in semi shade. Plant - £3.00
a PELLITORY (Lus na Spŗine) Anacylcus pyrethrum 10cm. Chamomile-like flowers and tufted grey foliage. The root when chewed helps relieve toothache. Dry rock garden site. Plant - £3.00
Seeds - £2.00
PENNYROYAL, CREEPING Mentha pulegium 10cm. Ground cover with a refreshing aroma and flavour. Insect repellent. Plant - £2.00
PERIWINKLE, GREATER Vinca major P E 60cm. Striking mauve-blue flowers and smooth, waxy foliage. Used to stop internal and external bleeding and reduce high blood pressure. Plant - £2.00
PERIWINKLE, LESSER Vinca minor P E 10cm. Prostrate evergreen undershrub with small but bright blue-violet flowers. Ground cover for a shaded site. External uses include nosebleed, sore throat and mouth ulcers. Internally a cerebral stimulant like Gingko. Plant - £2.00
PERIWINKLE, LESSER VARIEGATED Vinca minor aureovariegata P E 10cm. Creeping evergreen foliage edged with cream, giving interesting colour even in mid-winter. Plant - £2.00
c ROCK ROSE Helianthemum nummularium 10cm. Profuse yellow flowers and creeping foliage. A Bach 'rescue' flower remedy for fear, accident or illness. Plant - £3.00
Seeds - £2.00
RUPTUREWORT (Lus an t'sicnich) Herniaria glabra P E 5cm. Hardy ground cover, producing minute green leaves and flowers. An active diuretic for the kidney and bladder. Plant - £2.00
c SELF-HEAL (Dubhan ceann chÚsach) Prunella vulgaris   16cm. Important woodland healing herb; attractive violet flower spikes and lush foliage. a bruised leaf will help stay nosebleeds, bind cuts and soothe burns and bruises. Ground cover for a shaded site.Sow outside in the autumn. Plant - £2.00
Seeds - £1.50
STONECROP, WHITE Sedum album 5cm. Small creeping succulent leaves, white flowers. Good for green roofs ,needs little or no soil, happily grows on rocks. Plant - £2.00
STRAWBERRY, HIMALAYAN Fragaria nubicola 15cm. Native to the Hamalaya at altitudes between 2-3,000 metres, this softly haired perennial bears white flowers in May and small red fruits with a pleasant flavour in July. Plant - £2.00
STRAWBERRY, PINK FLOWERED Fragaria spp[   Bright attractive pink flowers and late summer fruits, edible creeping ground cover. Plant - £3.00
STRAWBERRY, WILD (Subh-lair) Fragaria vesca 10cm. Edible ground cover, with delicious flavour and fragrance especially when fully ripe.Birds leave them alone in our garden. Plant - £2.00
c SWEET VIOLET (Fail chuach) Viola odorata P E 10cm. Spring and autumn violet flowers; used as a colouring and flavouring agent in food and confectionery. Medicinal. Shade in summer. Plant - £2.00
Seeds - £2.00
THYME, AZORICUS Thymus caespititius P E 5cm. Cushions of spiky leaves richly scented of orange-pine.Mauve flowers. Plant - £3.00
THYME, BROAD-LEAVED Thymus pulegioides P E 20cm. A very hardy large leaved semi prostrate variety with bright mauve flowers. Use like garden thyme. Plant - £3.00
THYME, CARAWAY Thymus herba-barona P E 5cm. Compact hardy creeping variety with caraway like scent and flavour. Mauve flowers. Plant - £3.00
THYME, LEMON CARAWAY Thymus herba-barona citrodara P E 8cm. Arching and creeping variety with mauve flowers and foliage exotically flavoured and scented of lemon and caraway. Plant - £3.00
THYME, PINK CHINTZ Thymus serphyllum P E 5cm. Creeping variety with masses of fresh pink flowers. Plant - £3.00
THYME, WHITE Thymus serphyllum albus P E 5cm. Bright white 'mats' of flowers. Interplant with mauve and pink varieties for contrast. Plant - £3.00
THYME, WILD/MOUNTAIN (Lus an righ) Thymus polytrichus brittanicus PE  5cm. Very hardy. 'Carpets' of mauve flowers that attract numerous bumble bees and aromatic foliage. Plant - £3.00
TORMENTIL (Braonan fruich) Potentilla erecta/tormentilla 10cm. Bright yellow flowered herb. The rhizome provides us with a safe and powerful astringent medicine for sore throats, cuts, grazes and minor burns. Dye plant. Acidic soil. Plant - £2.00
VALERIAN, HIMALAYAN Valeriana jatamansi 20cm. A dwarf medicinal Valerian which is found in moist shaded areas of the upper Himalayan pine forest. Contains similar properties as Common Valerian, and the bright,bonny,bunched light pink flowers in the spring are one of our favourites. Plant - £7.00
WOODRUFF, DYERS Asperula tinctoria 30cm. Creeping woodland herb with white flowers. The roots yield a red dye. Shaded site. Plant - £2.00
WOODRUFF, SWEET (Lusa-caitheamh) Asperula odorata /Galium odorata 30cm. Woodland plant with bright white flowers. Dried leaves scented of new-mown hay for linen bags and pot-pourri, medicinal. Shaded site. Plant - £2.00
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