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Suitable for rock garden.

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ADONIS, SPRING Adonis vernalis 20cm. A central European alpine herb used in homoeopathy for heart conditions. Large bright yellow flowers in spring. Enjoys a dry, sunny site. Plant - £9.00
a or g ARNICA Arnica montana HP  40cm. A protected alpine herb with yellow-gold flowers from the mid european mountains. Poisonous internally, but it provides a fine external treatment as a cream, gel, oil or ointment for bruises and sprains, and in homeopathy for shock and injury. This is our own variety which is free flowering and vigorous.It enjoys growing in a rock garden with a slightly acidic soil. Plant - £4.00
Seeds - £3.00
a or g ARNICA, CATALAN Arnica montana HP  35cm. Species From the eastern Pyrenees with slightly more rounded leaves, enhanced yellow flowers and slightly dwarfer habit than its central european counterpart . Same medicinal properties and applications. Plant - £4.00
Seeds - £3.00
BEARBERRY (Grainnseag) Arctostaphylos uva ursi PE  10cm. Highland mat forming evergreen shrub with glossy leathery pointed leaves,early pink clustered flowers followed by bright autumn red berries.Rock garden with acid soil. A well known antiseptic and diuretic for urinary and bladder problems such as cystitis. Plant - £5.00
CARLINE THISTLE Carlina vulgaris P Bi 15cm. Thistle with a rosette of leaves producing a large round 'silvery' flower that dries well. It enjoys a rock garden type site and the root contains substances that help tone and clean the liver and urinary systems.If the flower heads are left on for the winter, they provide a "nest" for overwintering ladybirds. Plant - £4.00
b CENTAURY (Ceud bhileach) Centaurium erythraea Bi  30cm. An efficient bitter-tonic herb with antiseptic properties. Rose-coloured star-like flowers. Sow outside in the autumn, sporadic germination in the spring. Seeds - £2.00
CHAMOMILE, LAWN or TRENEAGUE Chamaemelum nobile 'Treneague' P.E.  5cm. The most popular variety for the true chamomile lawn, creating a dense sward with a rich fruity scent, requiring no mowing.We have either small plants or for larger areas plant 80 plantlets( rooted stolons) to the square metre - about 10cm apart, dibbling in with your fingers or plant amongst paving stones. 80 plantlets cost Ģ24.00 (plus postage ) Available from late may to late august. Plant - £2.00
CHAMOMILE, ROMAN or COMMON (Camomhil) Chamaemelum nobile 20cm. An aromatic spreading perennial, medically the flowers act as an external antiseptic, reducing swellings and inflammations. They have a stronger flavour than Wild Chamomile so are best used eternally. Plant - £2.00
a or c CHAMOMILE, WILD or GERMAN Matricaria recutita/chamomilla 60cm. The most valuable and more commonly used chamomile for a tisane. The flowers either fresh or dried make a safe and gentle nerve-sedative and gastric tonic, especially for children and sleepless adults. Sow outside. Plant - £2.00
Seeds - £2.00
c COWBERRY / LINGONBERRY (Lus nam Broileag) Vaccinium vitis-idaea 20cm. 'Red Whortleberry'. Highland evergreen herb. Pink or white flowers followed by red edible autumn/winter berries. Prefers acidic soil conditions and a wee bit of shade .Sow the seeds outside in the autumn. Plant - £5.00
Seeds - £2.00
CROWBERRY (Dearcan feannaig) Empetrum nigrum P E 10cm. Native creeping evergreen with pink flowers and black berries, tasty in a mixed wild fruit salad. Prefers acidic conditions in rock garden. Plant - £5.00
GOLDEN SAGE Salvia icterina HPE  40cm. A golden leaved variety that adds colour , aroma and flavour to any herb garden Plant - £5.00
HOREHOUND, WHITE (Grabhan bān) Marrubium vulgare 30cm. Bushy, white felted, aromatic leaves and whorls of whitish flowers. One of the more popular herbal cough and cold remedies, and it can be candied to help soothe sore throats and coughs. Plant - £2.00
HOUSELEEK (Lus nan cluas) Sempervivum tectorum P E 10cm. Cactus-like plant, good in the rock garden, producing rosettes of spiky red-green leaves and pink flowers. The leaf-juice provides relief for burns, stings and inflammations and preceded the introduction of Aloe vera. Plant - £2.00
HYSSOP, DWARF Hyssopus officinalis aristatus P E 20cm. Neat aromatic bush, ideal for rock gardens producing clumps of blue flowers in late summer. Plant - £3.00
JUNIPER, PROSTRATE Juniperus communis depressa. P E 10cm. Prostrate evergreen ground cover shrub native to Highlands. Oil of Juniper is much used in medicine. Plant - £7.00
LADIES MANTLE, ALPINE Alchemilla alpina 15cm. Found at high altitude in the Highlands of Scotland, a very hardy survivor of rocky exposed habitats. The root and leaf can be harvested and applied either fresh or dried, mainly as a wound healer and for skin problems. Plant - £3.00
LAVENDER, DWARF WHITE Lavandula nana alba P E 20cm. A small variety but with profuse white flowers. Plant - £5.00
LIFE EVERLASTING (Cnamh lus) Antennaria dioica 10cm. Ground cover rock garden plant. Rosettes of silvery leaves and white flowers. Contains astringent properties. Plant - £3.00
c LOVAGE, SCOTS (Siunas) Ligusticum scoticum 60cm. Smaller native species with similar uses as Garden Lovage, better for a small garden.The Scots Gaelic name means "stormy" due to its preferred habitat on a rock face or just above a storm beach.In our gardens it would do well in a rockery or similar habitat. Plant - £3.00
Seeds - £2.00
MARJORAM, DWARF Origanum vulgare compactum 20cm. Delightful late flowering small compact variety throwing clumps of pink flowers. Plant - £2.00
MARJORAM, GOLD Origanum vulgare aureum 60cm. A hardy variegated form of the wild marjoram with similar culinary or medicinal uses. Gold-yellow foliage and mauve-pink flowers. Plant - £3.00
MARJORAM, POT Origanum vulgare 45cm. An important herb for seasoning meat, egg dishes and stuffing, with a warm balsamic scent and mild aromatic taste. Plant - £2.00
MARJORAM, WILD OR SCOTS OREGANO (Lus-Marsalaidh) Origanum vulgare 45cm. A hardy native herb producing tufts of rose-mauve flowers. Use the leaves and flowers freely in salads, drinks and sauces. They also contain mild antibacterial and antifungal properties. Plant - £2.00
MINT, CORSICAN Mentha requienii 1cm. Minute leaves bearing a strong peppermint scent, with tiny blue flowers.Grows well in the shade of paving stones, can be container grown outside in semi shade. Plant - £3.00
OREGANO, GREEK Origanum vulgare ssp. hirtum 30cm. White flowered, warm scented and hot spicy flavoured variety from the mountains of Greece.Use sparingly on pizzas, spaghetti, scatter the leaves onto "hot" salads. Contains anti-bacterial properties. Plant - £3.00
OREGANO, HIMALAYAN Origanum vulgare   30cm. From near Humla, north-west Nepal at 3600m . A hardy species with pink flowers that has a milder flavour than the white flowered Greek Oregano.Use freely in soups , stews, omlettes for its cleansing antisceptic properties. Plant - £3.00
OREGANO, TOMINTOUL Origanum vulgare 30cm. Scotland also has it's own distinct, very hardy varieties. This one comes from the Grampians and has a mild flavour that can be used in quantity. Plant - £2.00
c OYSTER PLANT (Tiodhlac na mara) Mertensia maritima 10cm. A very attractive creeping herbaceous perennial native to the coasts of northern and western Scotland. The trailing stems bear blue-green succulent leaves with an oyster-like flavour, and bright blue and pink flowers.The poetic Scots Gaelic name means " Gift of the sea ".Enjoys a well drained soil, sow the seeds outside in the autumn Plant - £5.00
Seeds - £3.00
c PASQUE FLOWER Pulsatilla vulgaris 20cm. Spring (often Easter) flowering herb with rich mauve-purple flowers containing golden stamens. Yields the homeopathic remedy Pulsatilla and has numerous medical uses. Suitable for the rock garden. Plant - £4.00
Seeds - £2.00
c PASQUE FLOWER , LESSER Pulsatilla pratensis 30cm. A larger leaved form of P.vulgaris with drooping mauve or purple flowers usually showing at Easter. It is preferred by some homeopaths Plant - £4.00
Seeds - £2.00
a PELLITORY (Lus na Spāine) Anacylcus pyrethrum 10cm. Chamomile-like flowers and tufted grey foliage. The root when chewed helps relieve toothache. Dry rock garden site. Plant - £3.00
Seeds - £2.00
c ROCK ROSE Helianthemum nummularium 10cm. Profuse yellow flowers and creeping foliage. A Bach 'rescue' flower remedy for fear, accident or illness. Plant - £3.00
Seeds - £2.00
g ROCK SAMPHIRE Crithmum maritimum 30cm. Yellow-white flowers and succulent foliage which is excellent to eat either fresh, cooked or pickled.Its other name is "Sea Fennel "A native herbaceous perennial of the sandy or stony foreshore so grow in a well drained soil or raised bed. In northern/ upland gardens try it in a polytunnel for early delicate succulent shoots. Plant - £5.00
Seeds - £3.00
ROSEMARY , WHITE MOUNTAIN Rosmarinus officinalis albiflorus HHP  10cm. A delightful creeping variety from the mountains of Spain. It is moderately vigorous with white flowers and is suitable either for the rock garden, "flowing" over a wall, or in a patio pot. Protect during frosty/ wet northern winters. Plant - £7.00
ROSEMARY, CORSICAN BLUE Rosmarinus officinalis P E 90cm. A semi-prostrate medium blue flowered variety that has stood several hard winters. It combines a good aroma with flavour and enjoys a well drained soil or large pot. Plant - £7.00
ROSEMARY, PROSTRATE Rosmarinus officinalis P E  10cm. A dwarf variety with very early light blue flowers, which is very suitable for a small patio pot or windowbox. Plant - £7.00
ROSEMARY, SEVERN SEAS Rosmarinus officinalis HHP P E 30cm. A good variety for growing in a container , bearing semi-prostrate branches laden with early dark blue flowers. Bring into a sheltered place over winter. Plant - £7.00
a ROSEROOT (Lus nan Laoch) Rhodiola rosea 30cm. An attractive blue/green leaved and yellow flowered herbaceous succulent perennial found on Scottish sea cliffs in the north and west. In Scandanavia, Russia and Iceland it has been used for centuries to enhance physical and mental endurance, preventing fatigue and stress. Modern research has confirmed this and an extract from the root is available. The Scots gaelic name means " Plant of the hero or champion ". It will grow well in a rock garden. Plant - £4.00
Seeds - £3.00
SAGE, GOLDEN Salvia icterina HPE  40cm. A hardy golden leaved evergreen shrub that adds colour, aroma and flavour for any herb garden. Plant - £5.00
SAGE, SPANISH Salvia lavandulifolia P E  30cm. Small dark green leaves and violet/ purple flowers. A good edible aromatic variety for the small garden or pot. Recent research suggests that it may help to improve memory. Plant - £3.00
a SALAD BURNET Sanguisorba minor P E 30cm. An attractive herb for the 'wild' rock garden, bearing deep pink flowers. The young leaves have a cucumber-like taste for use in salads.Sow outside in the spring. Plant - £2.00
Seeds - £2.00
SAVORY, LEMON Satureja montana citriodara P E 15cm. Lemon savoury flavour for adding a flourish to food. Grow in a rock garden and clip back after flowering. The flowers buzz with bees in late summer Plant - £3.00
SAVORY, 'PURPLE MOUNTAIN' Satureja montana P E 15cm. A small attractive shrub from the hills of south-east Europe. It may be used in all savoury bean dishes and the purple flowers later in the summer provide a bright garnish. Plant - £3.00
SAVORY, WINTER Satureja montana 30cm. This perennial white flowered variety has quite a strong flavour for bean and pulse cookery. Use fresh or dried. Plant - £3.00
SCULLCAP, BAIKAL Scutellaria baicalensis 30cm. The 'cooling' root of this bright blue flowering hardy perennial from Russia and Mongolia has many medicinal applications .A lovely plant for the front of the border. Plant - £4.00
c SEA HOLLY (Cuillion traghad) Eryngium maritimum 30cm. A most beautiful native perennial with green, blue and white veined foliage, topped by powder blue flowers, these colours mimic its wild habitat. Eryngo roots were once used in medicine, and candied as a sweet. Sow the slow germinating seeds outside in the autumn and cover with grit. Grow the plant in a well drained soil, sunny site. Plant - £7.00
Seeds - £4.00
g SPIKENARD, HIMALAYAN. Nardostachys grandiflora / jatamansi 15cm. A small but potent alpine with bunched jasmine scented rosy-pink flowers, now in decline in the high Himalayas due to overharvesting of the valerian-patchouli scented roots. The essential oil extracted from the root contains anti-fungal and anti- bacterial properties, that have a relaxing harmonising effect. It was used by Mary Magdalene to anoint the feet of Jesus. "Jatamansi" enjoys a slightly acid, well drained soil in a rock garden. If you have wet conditions, cover with glass overwinter. Plant - £9.00
Seeds - £7.00
THYME, AZORICUS Thymus caespititius P E 5cm. Cushions of spiky leaves richly scented of orange-pine.Mauve flowers. Plant - £3.00
THYME, BROAD-LEAVED Thymus pulegioides P E 20cm. A very hardy large leaved semi prostrate variety with bright mauve flowers. Use like garden thyme. Plant - £3.00
THYME, CARAWAY Thymus herba-barona P E 5cm. Compact hardy creeping variety with caraway like scent and flavour. Mauve flowers. Plant - £3.00
THYME, COMPACT Thymus vulgaris compactum P E 15cm. A neat dwarf variety very suitable for the minimal garden, pot or formal edging. It has a good scent and flavour, use like Garden Thyme. Plant - £3.00
THYME, FRAGRANT/ORANGE Thymus fragrantissimus 30cm. Strong balsam-orange scented bush type with pink-white flowers. Useful in pot-pourri or try in an aromatic tisane. Plant - £3.00
THYME, GARDEN Thymus vulgaris 30cm. Neat evergreen bushes, bearing mauve-pink flowers, loved by bees and butterflies. Use a sprig as a garnish for all meat or vegetable dishes. Medicinally a mild and effective antiseptic. Planting close to beehives should help to reduce the varroa mite Plant - £3.00
THYME, LEMON Thymus x citriodorus P E 30cm. Has a fruity flavour and a refreshing aroma. Excellent in salads, teas, herb butter and on fish, pizzas and many dishes. Plant - £3.00
THYME, LEMON CARAWAY Thymus herba-barona citrodara P E 8cm. Arching and creeping variety with mauve flowers and foliage exotically flavoured and scented of lemon and caraway. Plant - £3.00
THYME, PINK CHINTZ Thymus serphyllum P E 5cm. Creeping variety with masses of fresh pink flowers. Plant - £3.00
THYME, WHITE Thymus serphyllum albus P E 5cm. Bright white 'mats' of flowers. Interplant with mauve and pink varieties for contrast. Plant - £3.00
THYME, WILD/MOUNTAIN (Lus an righ) Thymus polytrichus brittanicus PE  5cm. Very hardy. 'Carpets' of mauve flowers that attract numerous bumble bees and aromatic foliage. Plant - £3.00
TORMENTIL (Braonan fruich) Potentilla erecta/tormentilla 10cm. Bright yellow flowered herb. The rhizome provides us with a safe and powerful astringent medicine for sore throats, cuts, grazes and minor burns. Dye plant. Acidic soil. Plant - £2.00
c VETCH, BITTER or MOUNTAIN (Carmeal) Lathyrus montanus / linifolius 30cm. Native to upland areas of the UK producing pink/blue flowers. When sucked fresh the small root nodules have a liquorice-like flavour, that acts like a tonic reducing hunger and providing mild stimulation. Good for long distance trekking. Plant - £4.00
Seeds - £3.00
WALL GERMANDER Teucrium chamaedrys 30cm. Dark green oak-like leaves and whorls of rose-pink flowers, good for dwarf hedging or near a wall. It may be taken for dyspepsia or used in liqueurs, vermouths and tonic wines. Plant - £3.00
WALLPEPPER (Grafan nan clach) Sedum acre 10cm. Bright yellow star-shaped flowers and small succulent leaves for minor burns and grazes. Plant - £2.00
WORMWOOD, ROMAN Artemisia pontica 45cm. A fine and delicate Artemisia with numerous small yellow flowers. Employed in flavouring liquers. Medicinally as above. Plant - £2.00
a YETI PLANT Silene yeti / Melandrium glandulosum 60cm. A hardy annual from Tibet with cream coloured flowers. Used in traditional medicine. Sow outside in the spring. These seeds are grown at Poyntzfield but are being sold on behalf of ROKPA, a charity that is helping to set up a medicinal herb conservation project in Tibet. Seeds - £3.00
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