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Suitable for edge of water.

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BISTORT (Bilur) Persicaria bistorta 60cm. Fresh pink flowers and broad leaves that form part of a north country Easter pudding. The root contains astringent properties. Moist, shaded site. Plant - £2.00
BLUE FLAG. Iris versicolour 60cm. A clump forming native of moist places in north America. The blue flowers splashed with yellow and white create a striking and unusual effect. The leaves grow from a creeping rhizome that is used by herbalists and homoeopaths. Plant - £5.00
Seeds - £3.00
c BOG MYRTLE (Rideag) Myrica gale 90cm. 'Sweet Gale'. Deciduous shrub with aromatic foliage utilised for flavouring beer or in pot-pourri, linen bags and repelling insects. Bog garden with acidic soil.Sow the seeds outside in the autumn. Plant - £7.00
Seeds - £3.00
BOGBEAN (Tri Bhilean) Menyanthes trifolata 45cm. Native aquatic herb with pink-white flowers and three-lobed leaves which give us a bitter tonic medicine, still popular in the outer Hebridean Isles Plant - £3.00
BONESET Eupatorium perfoliatum 90cm. Large hairy leaves and clustered cream flowers mainly used as a cough and cold remedy stimulating the immune system. Used in homoeopathy. Sorry sold out . Plant - £7.00
BUTTERBUR, JAPANESE / FUKI . Petasites japonicus P RR 15cm. A plant for the moist partially shaded wild garden where the early cream flowers and large round leaves should be appreciated. Butterbur stem and leaf are toxic when eaten fresh, but salted, blanched, cooled in ice water, and cooked again, provides a delicate vegetable. Plant - £3.00
CALAMUS (Cuile-mhilis) Acorus calamus 75cm. Reed-like sweet and spicy scented leaves and aromatic rhizome used as a spice, in medicine, for flavouring beers, liqueurs and in perfumery. Edge of water garden. Plant - £5.00
CALAMUS, ASIATIC Acorus calamus ssp asiatica HP  75cm. From Eisai medicinal herb garden,Japan. Similar to the european species in most ways. Plant on edge of pond or in bog garden. Plant - £5.00
CRANBERRY (Muileag) Vaccinium oxycoccus 2cm. A creeping Scots native plant with tiny pink flowers and small juicy red berries.It is quite a delicate plant so grow on for one or two seasons in ericaceous compost until large enough to cope with native spagnum bog conditions, best planted in the spring. This is not the species that produces Cranberry juice (which is V. macrocarpus) Plant - £7.00
c GARLIC, WILD/WOOD (Creamh) Allium ursinum 20cm. 'Ramsons'. Bright white star-like flowers and broad tasty leaves in early spring ,excellent in cleansing salads or with cheeses. Under cultivation with additional compost, the bulb can grow to a large enough size to use in the kitchen. Moist, shaded site.Sow seeds outside in the autumn Plant - £2.00
Seeds - £2.00
GYPSYWORT (Feoran curraidh) Lycopus europaeus 60cm. A native species with deeply cut pointed leaves containing properties that can reduce bleeding and help regulate blood sugar levels. Plant - £2.00
JAPANESE RUSH / SEKISHO Acorus gramineus 15cm. Native to China and Japan. Small fan-like leaves that grow well in a moist part-shaded situation. The rhizome can be stir-fried and acts as an anti-bacterial digestive. Plant - £5.00
MARSH MARIGOLD Caltha palustris 15cm. A popular native plant for the edge of a pool or moist area. The shining yellow sun-like flowers produce a yellow dye. Plant - £2.00
MARSH TEA Ledum palustre PE  60cm. A rare native of the northern UK that enjoys growing in slightly moist acid soil conditions such as a peat garden or edge of marsh. The creamy white flowers are most attractive ; the leaf has a strong scent that deters insects and was once used when dried in clothing. The herb fresh or dried should not be taken internally Plant - £9.00
c MEADOWSWEET (Crois Chuchulainn) Filipendula ulmaria 90cm. Creamy white flowers and leaves provide us with a natural headache remedy. They contain salicylic acid - better known as aspirin. Flowers flavour mead, wine or beer.Sow seeds outside in the autumn Plant - £2.00
Seeds - £1.50
MINT, JAPANESE. Mentha arvensis var piperescens. HP  40cm. From Japan and the most common mint for the production of menthol with its cooling and warming effect. It is much used in many foods, confectionary and medicines. Enjoys a slightly moist rich soil. Plant - £2.00
MINT, WATER. (Cairteal) Mentha aquatica P RR 60cm. Whorls of lilac flowers. A mild stimulant producing gentle perspiration, beneficial for colds and fevers. Moist site or waterside. Plant - £2.00
PENNYROYAL, UPRIGHT (Peighinn rioghail) Mentha pulegium 30cm. Non spreading mint with a stimulating peppermint scent and whorls of mauve flowers. Medicinal but not during pregnancy. Plant - £2.00
SPIKENARD, CALIFORNIAN Aralia californica 1500cm. Also known as Californian ginseng.A very large herbaceous perennial It has aromatic roots, beneficial for lung problems, and sweet berries. Prefers a moist soil and some shade. Plant - £7.00
c VALERIAN, COMMON (Lus nan tri bhilean) Valeriana officinalis 90cm. Sweet-scented prolific flesh-pink flowers. A natural sedative, the rhizome being effective for promoting sleep and calming nerves. Sow the seeds outside in the autumn. Plant - £2.00
Seeds - £2.00
VALERIAN, HIMALAYAN Valeriana jatamansi 20cm. A dwarf medicinal Valerian which is found in moist shaded areas of the upper Himalayan pine forest. Contains similar properties as Common Valerian, and the bright,bonny,bunched light pink flowers in the spring are one of our favourites. Plant - £7.00
WASABI no MONZEN Wasabia japonica 30cm. A variety that produces a larger finger-sized stem. It originated from the oldest Wasabi farm in Japan " Wasabi no Monzen" means in front of the gate of the temple. Grow in a cool moist border with plenty of organic compost and some shade, lift in the autumn and use fresh grated with sushi, using a ceramic grater , easy to grow. Plant - £9.00
WASABI or JAPANESE HORSERADISH, WILD Wasabia japonica 30cm. A perennial herbaceous plant from Japan with large heart-shaped leaves and small white flowers. The young leaves are good in spring cleansing salads and the stem has a strong mustard-like flavour, lift in the autumn/ winter. Enjoys rich moist soil and partial shade and is easy to grow,apply plenty of leafmould in the autumn to obtain a large stem. Plant - £7.00
c YELLOW FLAG Iris pseudacorus 75cm. A bright yellow flowered native iris which enjoys the edge of water. The rhizome was once used in medicine and also provides a black dye. Plant - £3.00
Seeds - £2.00
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