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Medicinal Herbs

It has only been possible to give a brief indication of each plants value. Many excellent publications are now available and should be consulted, especially if the intention is to use medicinal herbs, and expert advice is essential; if in doubt contact a qualified practitioner.
Plants help people in varying ways, and we cannot be held responsible for their use or effect.
COMMON NAMESort by Common Name |(Gaelic name) | Latin nameSort by Latin Name | Notes | SizeSort by Size | Description Price
ABSCESS ROOT Polemonium reptans 30cm. A north American herb with astringent properties. Bright blue branched spring flowers and dense pinnate foliage. Shaded moist site. Plant - £4.50
ADDER'S TONGUE Erythronium americanum 15cm. A striking perennial from northeast America where it brightens moist woodland in the spring with its purple variegated leaves and yellow lily flowers. The leaves help heal skin problems. Bulbs (3) - £3.50
ADONIS, SPRING Adonis vernalis 20cm. A central European alpine herb used in homoeopathy for heart conditions. Large bright yellow flowers in spring. Enjoys a dry, sunny site. Plant - £10.00
c AGRIMONY (Mur-dhraidhean) Agrimonia eupatoria 45cm. Bears small yellow flower spikes, yielding a yellow dye. Makes a gargle for coughs and externally in a lotion for wounds.Sow the seeds outside in the autumn. Plant - £2.50
Seeds - £2.00
ALOE VERA Aloe vera/barbadensis T P 30cm. The leaf juice from this attractive succulent provides us with an effective external remedy for minor burns, stings and skin problems. If you want to use it internally we recommend that you seek medical advice .Grow on a sunny windowsill or conservatory. Small Plant - £7.50
Large Plant - £12.00
c ANEMONE RIVULARIS / SUBKA Anemone rivularis 30cm. A lovely white and mauve flowered herbaceous perennial from the Himalayas." Subka". The leaf is used to help clear coughs and fevers, the seeds are roasted and pickled and a decoction of the root is applied to cuts and wounds. Plant - £4.50
Seeds - £3.50
ANGELICA, JAPANESE / TOKI Angelica acutiloba HP  120cm. From Japan, a fine hardy herbaceous perennial with serrated foliage and white flowers. The root is used in Kampo medicine and helps to regulate menstrual flow, calming and easing pain. The leaves are used for frostbite. It is related to Angelica sinensis ( Dang Gui) but is easier to grow. Plant - £5.50
a or g ARNICA Arnica montana HP  40cm. A protected alpine herb with yellow-gold flowers from the mid european mountains. Poisonous internally, but it provides a fine external treatment as a cream, gel, oil or ointment for bruises and sprains, and in homeopathy for shock and injury. This is our own variety which is free flowering and vigorous.It enjoys growing in a rock garden with a slightly acidic soil. Plant - £4.50
Seeds - £3.50
a or g ARNICA, CATALAN Arnica montana HP  35cm. Species From the eastern Pyrenees with more rounded leaves, enhanced yellow flowers and slightly dwarfer habit than its central european counterpart . Same medicinal properties and applications. Plant - £4.50
Seeds - £3.50
ASARABACCA (Asair) Asarum europaeum P E 15cm. Excellent ground cover with deep green kidney-shaped leaves. The rhizomes were once dried and powdered to produce a snuff. Shaded site. Plant - £5.50
g ASHWAGANDHA (or Indian Ginseng) Withania somnifera HHA  60cm. Important Ayurvedic herb with ginseng-like properties. Grow as half-hardy annual, harvesting the roots. In northern gardens either grow in a polytunnel/cold frame or in a container. Plant - £4.50
Seeds - £3.50
c BANEBERRY, BLACK Actaea spicata 45cm. Deep green fern-like foliage, white flowers and poisonous black berries which yield a black dye. Shaded site. Plant - £4.50
c BARBERRY Berberis vulgaris 200cm. A native deciduous shrub with slightly oriental looking yellow flowers followed by bright red berries, used in medieval times as a high vitamin C jelly. In Europe and in India the root and bark are used extensively, for example as a liver tonic and detoxicant and for their anti-cancer effects. Plant - £7.50
Seeds - £2.00
BASIL, CAMPHOR Ocimum kilimandscharicum HHP  120cm. A vigorous perennial and part parent of AFRICAN BLUE Basil. A crushed leaf creates a strong camphor aroma which will help clear a blocked nose and cold. In Africa it is used as a mosquito repellent and a commercial source for Camphor. Plant - £5.50
BEARBERRY (Grainnseag) Arctostaphylos uva ursi PE  10cm. Highland mat forming evergreen shrub with glossy leathery pointed leaves,early pink clustered flowers followed by bright autumn red berries.Rock garden with acid soil. A well known antiseptic and diuretic for urinary and bladder problems such as cystitis.Sorry sold out Plant - £5.50
BETEL Piper betle TPE  10cm. A tender evergreen climber with glossy pointed leaves that will creep or clamber depending on the habitat. It requires a lot of warmth and some humidity so grow in a shaded area of a heated greenhouse or conservatory, being a native of southern Asia. The leaves have a slightly spicy flavour with medicinal properties, to be nibbled in moderation. Plant - £18.00
BETHROOT Trillium erectum 30cm. The root of this American Indian herb may be used internally as an astringent and externally for sores and ulcers. Three leaved and striking tripartite deep red spring flowers,prefers a moist shaded (in summer)position. Plant - £5.50
a BETONY WOOD (Lus bheathag) Stachys / Betonica officinalis. 30cm. Deep green toothed leaves and two lipped purple-red flowers. Used in herbal medicine for example to help combat nervous exhaustion, anxiety and headaches.Semi-shaded site. Plant - £2.50
Seeds - £2.50
BIRTHWORT Aristolochia clematitis 60cm. An unusual and rare herb with heart-shaped leaves and yellow tubular flowers. Internally toxic, but in homoeopathy it is noted for relieving menstrual problems. Plant - £7.50
BISTORT (Bilur) Persicaria bistorta 60cm. Fresh pink flowers and broad leaves that form part of a north country Easter pudding. The root contains astringent properties. Moist, shaded site. Plant - £3.50
c BITTERSWEET / WOODY NIGHTSHADE Solanum dulcamara 200cm. Native climber with bright purple/yellow flowers followed by poisonous red berries. The stems and flowers are used to treat skin problems and rheumatism. Plant - £4.50
Seeds - £2.00
BLACKROOT/CULVERS ROOT Veronicastrum virginicum 1300cm. A North American native herbaceous perennial with pointed leaves and late summer white flower spikes. The root contains purgative and emetic properties and is for professional use only Plant - £5.50
c BLOODROOT Sanguinaria canadensis 15cm. Beautiful white early spring flowers, wrapped in palmate leaves. The (poisonous) rhizome is utilised as a homoeopathic asthma and bronchitis remedy, and also produces a red dye. Leafmould and shaded site. Plant - £7.50
Seeds - £3.50
BLOODROOT, (Double flowered) Sanguinaria canadensis 15cm. Very attractive intricate white flowers in spring. Enjoys summer shade with slight moisture and leafmould. Plant - £7.50
BLUE FLAG. Iris versicolour 60cm. A clump forming native of moist places in north America. The blue flowers splashed with yellow and white create a striking and unusual effect. The leaves grow from a creeping rhizome that is used by herbalists and homoeopaths. Plant - £5.50
Seeds - £3.50
c BOG MYRTLE (Rideag) Myrica gale 90cm. 'Sweet Gale'. Deciduous shrub with aromatic foliage utilised for flavouring beer or in pot-pourri, linen bags and repelling insects. Bog garden with acidic soil.Sow the seeds outside in the autumn. Plant - £7.50
Seeds - £3.50
BOGBEAN (Tri Bhilean) Menyanthes trifolata 45cm. Native aquatic herb with pink-white flowers and three-lobed leaves which give us a bitter tonic medicine, still popular in the outer Hebridean Isles Plant - £3.50
BONESET Eupatorium perfoliatum 90cm. Large hairy leaves and clustered cream flowers mainly used as a cough and cold remedy stimulating the immune system. Used in homoeopathy. Plant - £7.50
BROOKLIME Veronica beccabunga 30cm. A blue flowered creeping plant for the water garden, with a bitter watercress flavour. An old remedy for scurvy and a spring tonic herb. Plant - £3.50
BUGLE (Meacan dubh fiadhain) Ajuga reptans 20cm. Small but important native vulnerary herb with bright blue flowers. The leaves will help stop bleeding. Plant - £2.50
a BURDOCK (Bramasag) Arctium minus Bi  90cm. Root, leaf and seeds provide us with various remedies including treating skin problems.Sow outside in the spring. Seeds - £2.50
a BURDOCK HIMALAYAN , or KUTH / COSTUS Saussurea costus / lappa  P 180cm. Endangered in the wild due to overharvesting. Kuth is easy to cultivate as a large hardy herbaceous perennial. The large aromatic root is utilised in Ayurvedic medicine and perfumery.Bumble bees are addicted to the nectar and cluster onto the flowers. Plant - £5.50
Seeds - £4.50
BURNING BUSH (Lus a Phiobaire) Dictamnus purpureus HP  90cm. Lovely herbaceous perennial with long spikes of exotically scented oil rich pink flowers mottled with purple stripes and dots. The root bark has been used to lower fevers and infections. Dry sunny site. Plant - £7.50
BUTCHERS BROOM (Calg-bhealaidh..) Ruscus aculeatus P E 30cm. A native shrub with prickly evergreen leaves and red berries. It has edible young shoots, contains a medicinal substance of use in jaundice and gravel, and is used as a Christmas decoration in the home and church.We have a self-pollinating dwarf variety that fruits freely as well as the wild form which produces spiky foliage Plant - £7.50
BUTTERBUR (Gallan ṃr) Petasites albus P RR 30cm. White-pink early spring clustered flowers. The root is used to treat several chest problems. Moist shaded site. Plant - £3.50
CALAMUS (Cuile-mhilis) Acorus calamus 75cm. Reed-like sweet and spicy scented leaves and aromatic rhizome used as a spice, in medicine, for flavouring beers, liqueurs and in perfumery. Edge of water garden. Plant - £5.50
CARLINE THISTLE Carlina vulgaris P Bi 15cm. Thistle with a rosette of leaves producing a large round 'silvery' flower that dries well. It enjoys a rock garden type site and the root contains substances that help tone and clean the liver and urinary systems.If the flower heads are left on for the winter, they provide a "nest" for overwintering ladybirds. Plant - £4.50
a CATMINT, WILD or CATNIP Nepeta cataria Bi  90cm. Sends many cats in ecstasies so protect until established. Medicinal. Plant - £2.50
Seeds - £2.00
CEDAR, WHITE / ARBOR-VITAE, Thuja occidentalis 2000cm. A hardy coniferous tree from north america. The leaves and bark have a fruity- camphor aroma that finds their way into many remedies, for example helping to reduce inflammations, clear toxins internally and externally. Not for home use. It can be grown as a therapeutic hedging plant. Plant - £4.50
a CELANDINE, GREATER (An ceann ruadh) Chelidonium majus 45cm. Yellow flowers and graceful green-yellow leaves which exude on bruising, a bright orange coloured juice. It is used in homoeopathy for jaundice and externally for treating warts.Sow outside. Seeds - £2.00
b CENTAURY (Ceud bhileach) Centaurium erythraea Bi  30cm. An efficient bitter-tonic herb with antiseptic properties. Rose-coloured star-like flowers. Sow outside in the autumn, sporadic germination in the spring. Seeds - £2.00
CHAMOMILE, ROMAN or COMMON (Camomhil) Chamaemelum nobile 20cm. An aromatic spreading perennial, medically the flowers act as an external antiseptic, reducing swellings and inflammations. They have a stronger flavour than Wild Chamomile so are best used eternally. Plant - £2.50
a or c CHAMOMILE, WILD or GERMAN Matricaria recutita/chamomilla 60cm. The most valuable and more commonly used chamomile for a tisane. The flowers either fresh or dried make a safe and gentle nerve-sedative and gastric tonic, especially for children and sleepless adults. Sow outside. Plant - £2.50
Seeds - £2.00
CHASTE TREE Vitex agnus castus HHP  120cm. European aromatic deciduous shrub that is hardy in a sheltered garden, producing small lilac coloured flowers.Bring in for the winter in northern or frosty gardens. The seeds and leaves contain substances which alleviate or stimulate hormonal activity depending on your gender. Plant - £7.50
a CLOVER, RED (Seamrag Dhearg) Trifolium pratense   40cm. A native perennial that has several medicinal applications both externally and internally. The lovely red flowers attract many beneficial insects, and it is a short term fertility builder . Sow outside. Plant - £2.50
Seeds - £2.00
CODONOPSIS 'Dang Shen' Codonopsis pilosula 120cm. A climber from western China, with bell-shaped greenish flowers and purple stripes and spots. The root yields a tonic drug used as a substitute for ginseng. Plant - £7.50
COHOSH, BLACK Cimicifuga/Actaea racemosa 180cm. Handsome tall herbaceous perennial from north america with white but strongly scented summer flowers. The root may be used in moderation for rheumatism, period pain and menopausal problems.Not to be taken during pregnancy .Moist shaded site. Plant - £7.50
COHOSH, BLUE Caulophyllum thalictroides 30cm. American Indian women once used the root for birth and menstruation problems. A fine early spring herb with blue-tinted foliage and small mauve flowers. Sorry sold out Plant - £10.00
COLTSFOOT Tussilago farfara 20cm. Leaf and flower give us a remedy for coughs and externally for sores. A plant for the wild garden only. Plant - £3.50
a COLUMBINE (Lus à chalmain) Aguilegia vulgaris 90cm. A cottage garden native perennial with very attractive violet blue flowers. The root has been used externally to treat ulcers. Plant - £2.50
Seeds - £2.00
COMFREY, COMMON (Lus na cnamh briste) Symphytum officinalis 90cm. High potash plant food and high protein stock feed. The root and leaves provide a poultice for sprains and bruises . Our variety has creamy/ white flowers . Plant - £2.50
COMFREY, RUSSIAN Symphytum x uplandicum 100cm. A vigorous hybrid with bright purple flowers, a plant for the wild garden. Use for compost and liquid feeds, cutting regularly through the season Plant - £2.50
COMFREY, TUBEROUS Symphytum tuberosum 30cm. The native Scots variety, bearing bright, creamy-yellow spring flowers. Similar use and value as Common Comfrey, (and more by some authorities!) Plant - £2.50
COMFREY,DWARF Symphytum ibericum 30cm. Excellent ground cover. Dense foliage and clusters of cream coloured flowers in spring and autumn. Plant - £2.50
CREEPING JENNY Lysimachia nummularia 8cm. Ground cover perennial producing numerous yellow flowers. The whole bruised herb helps to heal cuts and relieve muscular/rheumatic conditions. Plant - £3.50
CRETAN ROCK-ROSE Cistus creticus HHPE  95cm. Evergreen shrub with glossy sticky leaves and pink flowers. The leaf resin is collected and used for flavouring chewing gum, ice cream. Medicinal with antibiotic effects. Grow as a HHP in northern gardens. Plant - £7.50
CUCKOO PINT (Cluas chaoin) Arum maculatum 20cm. 'Lords & Ladies'. Arrow-shaped leaves of deep green with purple/brown spots. Bears poisonous berries. Used in homoeopathy for epilepsy and cramps. Shaded site. Plant - £3.50
CULVERS or BLACKROOT Veronicastrum virginicum 60cm. A north american native herbaceous perennial with pointed leaves and late summer creamy-white flower spikes. The root contains purgative and emetic properties and is for profesional use only. Plant - £5.50
DAISY, COMMON (Neoinean) Bellis perennis   10cm. Native perennial with healing properties that can been used domestically. No problem with cultivation so dead head to prevent self sowing. It can be of benefit externally to help with bruises, sprains and for cleansing wounds . Plant - £2.50
DAMIANA, JAMAICAN / RAM GOAT DASH Turnera ulmifolia TP  60cm. A lovely but tender shrub with fresh green toothed foliage and beautiful bright yellow flowers. It is from the Caribbean and has many medicinal applications for example to help regulate the hormones. It enjoys a sunny window or heated greenhouse /conservatory , so container grow . Repot every spring , pruning out any old wood . Plant - £26.00
DAPHNE MEZEREON Daphne mezereon 60cm. A native deciduous shrub with beautiful and very aromatic spring flowers folowed by (poisonous) red berries. Once used for rheumatic problems. Plant - £10.00
Seeds - £3.50
DEADLY NIGHTSHADE (Lus na h'oidhche) Atropa belladonna 150cm. All parts are poisonous but are used extensively in medicine, for example, as a muscle relaxant and in homoeopathy for migraines. Plant - £5.50
DITTANY OF CRETE Origanum dictamnus HHP E 30cm. A small attractive shrub with 'downy' foliage and clustered pink flowers in late summer. The leaves contain strong antiseptics, which are used in Greece for a medicinal tea, and in France/Italy for flavouring vermouth. Plant - £7.50
DOG'S MERCURY Mercurialis perennis 30cm. A native of deciduous woodland creating summer ground cover with small green flowers. A fresh herb essence is used in homoeopathy for rheumatism, gall bladder and liver problems, but this plant should not be used for self-medication. Plant - £3.50
DOKUDAMI Houttuynia cordata PRR  30cm. A popular medicinal plant from Japan and south-east Asia that helps to reduce respiratory problems and skin inflammations. The leaf may also be added to fish and egg dishes. A lovely but sometimes invasive ground cover perennial with elaborate upturned yellow and white flowers Plant - £4.50
DRAGON ROOT Arisaemum triphyllum 30cm. North American woodland perennial producing speckled leaves and intricate flower spathes followed by small red berries. The corm is acrid when fresh but when dried contains medicinal properties. Also used in homoepathy. Plant - £4.50
DYERS GREENWEED Genista tinctoria 60cm. A small hardy shrub with bright green foliage and yellow flowers, yielding a yellow dye. The flowering shoots are used in homoeopathy. Sorry sold out Plant - £5.50
ECHINACEA ANGUSTIFOLIA Echinacea angustifolia HP  60cm. Deep pink 'coneflowers' and slender leaves. The root contains antiseptic properties that strengthen resistance to infection.Some botanists consider that it is a sub-species of E.pallida,however it is less vigorous and slower to mature than the latter. Sow under glass in spring Plant - £4.50
Seeds - £3.50
ECHINACEA PALLIDA Echinacea pallida HP  60cm. A longer more narrow leaved species with lighter pink flowers than E.angustifolia and easier to grow. Has the same medicinal applications. Plant - £4.50
a ECHINACEA PURPUREA Echinacea purpurea HP  60cm. The easiest species to grow, dark pink flowers that are very attractive to numerous varieties of butterflies and bumblebees, that flock and buzz around it on any summers day.With this species it is the the leaf that is sometimes used as well as the root to strengthen the immune system . Plant - £4.50
Seeds - £3.50
c ELDER (Droman) Sambucus nigra   Almost every part of this small deciduous tree is of medicinal value. Elderflower champagne and elderberry wine can also have therapeutic effects! Sow the seeds outside in the autumn. Plant - £4.50
Seeds - £2.00
a ELECAMPANE (Àillean) Inula helenium 180cm. Handsome plant with enormous leaves and clustered yellow flowers. Medicinal root for bronchial disorders from which lozenges and pastilles were once available. Plant - £3.50
Seeds - £2.00
EPHEDRA DISTACHYA Ephedra distachya P E 30cm. Twig-like hardy evergreen shrub from western Europe. It will grow outside in sun or partial shade in a well drained soil. Beneficial as an anti-allergen and nerve stimulant for hay fever and asthma.For qualified practitioner use only. Plant - £7.50
c EVENING PRIMROSE Oenothera biennis Bi  90cm. An easily grown biennial. Leaf, bark and seed oil have many medicinal properties. Large yellow fragrant evening scented flowers. Sow the seeds outside in late summer. We now offer seeds by the gram, for example £3.00 for 2 grams, £7.00 for 5 grams Plant - £2.50
Seeds - £2.00
FALSE UNICORN ROOT Chamaelirium luteum HP  100cm. A herbaceous perennial from eastern USA. It enjoys growing in moist semi-shaded areas with an acidic soil. Lovely small white flower spikes in the summer. Has numerous medical applications ,for example with fertility and menopause. For qualified practitioner use. Plant - £7.50
FENNEL,GIANT Ferula communis 2500cm. A very large fennel relative from the meditteranean but without culinary use. It has thick stems, feathery foliage and large flower heads . The latex from the cut stem is collected and used as incense, not to be taken internally. It could be related to the extinct species "Silphion" of Cyrenica.(Currently sold out of seeds and plants) Plant - £5.50
a FEVERFEW Tanacetum parthenium 60cm. Has a good reputation for relieving migraine and pain. Clumps of green foliage and daisy-like flowers scented of honey. Plant - £2.50
Seeds - £2.00
FEVERFEW, GOLDEN Tanacetum parthenium aureum 60cm. More decorative yellow-gold foliage. The dried leaves help deter moths. Plant - £2.50
a FIGWORT Scrophularia nodosa 60cm. Native perennial with numerous medicinal applications but mainly for skin problems. Small yellow flowers. Plant - £2.50
Seeds - £2.00
b FOXGLOVE (Lus nam ban sith) Digitalis purpurea Bi  90cm. Purple bell-shaped flowers enjoyed by bumble bees. Contains a poisonous substance - Digitalin, used as a heart stimulant.Sow the seeds in a corner or in the wild garden .. Seeds - £2.00
FUJIBAKAMA Eupatorium japonicum var fortunei 90cm. A traditional oriental remedy for stomach problems is provided by the whole herb. A handsome herbaceous perennial with delicate toothed leaves and white flowers in late summer. Plant - £5.50
GAYFEATHER Liatris spicata 45cm. 'Blazing Star'. Beautiful purple flower spikes. The tuberous root is used to help relieve sore throats. Plant - £4.50
c GENTIAN, TIBETAN Gentiana tibetica 30cm. Beneficial in traditional medicine as a general tonic, this handsome herbaceous perennial produces large rounded leaves with a rosette of creamy tubular flowers. Plant - £5.50
Seeds - £3.50
c GENTIAN, YELLOW Gentiana lutea 90cm. Stately protected large alpine herb bearing lovely whorls of yellow flowers. The root provides us with a bitter tonic for soothing stomach disorders and the important ingredient of Enzian schnapps. Plant - £5.50
Seeds - £3.50
GENTIANA ROBUSTA Gentiana robusta 10cm. A sub-alpine from southeast Tibet and the eastern Himalaya. Low growing long glossy leaves and clustered creamy tubular flowers. Used in Tibetan medicine. Rock garden or similar site. Plant - £5.50
Seeds - £3.50
GINGER LILY Hedychium spicatum HHP  60cm. From mid to late summer, fragrant white flowers in an orange-red base top vigorous large leaved stems, the whole plant creating a ginger musk-like aroma. The oily aromatic rhizome acts as a stomachic, carminative, tonic and stimulant, and is useful for dyspepsia, bronchial asthma and coughs. The essential oil contains antifungal properties and produces the perfume 'abir'. Grow in a warm, shaded situation. Plant - £7.50
GINGER, WILD Asarum canadense. 10cm. Creeping perennial native to North America and Russia, with kidney shaped leaves and a gingery scented root. Native people in north America used the root for many purposes, for example to ease coughs and rheumatic problems. Plant - £7.50
GINKGO BILOBA (Maidenhair Tree) Ginkgo biloba   A hardy tree from China and considered to be one of the most ancient trees on Earth. Western herbal medicine utilises the leaves mainly for improved cerebral circulation aiding memory. In Chinese medicine the leaves and seeds help relieve asthmatic conditions. Small Plant - £7.50
Large Plant - £36.00
c GINSENG, ASIAN Panax ginseng 30cm. Native to Korea and China, the most revered with a 7000 year old reputation as a tonic stimulant, improving the body's ability to develop stamina and stress resistance. Grow in a cold frame or polytunnel in northern gardens, it enjoys a well drained soil with some shade in the summer.Seeds are usually available later in november, sow outside or in a polytunnel. This is not an easy plant to grow and is for experienced gardeners only. Plant - £18.00
Seeds - £7.50
GINSENG, SIBERIAN Eleutherococcus senticosus HP  3000cm. A large deciduous shrub that is easier to cultivate, and is effective in a different way to the Panax species. The root and leaf contain a fairly strong tonic that stimulates the metabolism, regulates blood pressure and strengthens the vitality of the immune system. Grow in a semi shaded site at the back of the border. Root prune in the winter and use fresh or dried. Small Plant - £18.00
Large Plant - £36.00
GLADWIN Iris foetidissima 60cm. Yellow-purple flowers and large orange berries throughout winter and early spring. Once used in medicine. A good native plant for a semi-shaded site. Plant - £3.50
GOATS RUE Galega officinalis 80cm. Handsome herbaceous plant with lilac, white or purple flowers. Helps stimulate cow and goats' lactations. Medicinal properties. Plant - £3.50
c GOLDEN ROD Solidago virgaurea 75cm. Bright yellow flowers in branched spikes all summer, loved by bees. For treating stomach and kidney ailments and helping wound healing.Sow seeds outside in the autumn. Plant - £3.50
Seeds - £2.00
GOLDEN SEAL Hydrastis canadensis 30cm. North American medicinal herb with brilliant golden root. Important mucous membrane healer, externally for sores and wounds.Used in homoeopathy. Enjoys a slightly moist soil enriched with leafmould and some quite dense shade in the summer, so quite specific conditions to get established.It usually takes several seasons for the roots to fully develop. We have dried root for sale to herbalists...100 grams = £30 plus delivery. Larger quantities sometimes available. Fresh root also usually available from october until march. Small Plant - £10.00
Large Plant - £18.00
GOTU KOLA Centella/Hydrocatyle asiatica HHP  10cm. Important Ayurvedic herb, the leaves may be eaten as a salad or used in medicine, for example as a tonic and anti-rheumatic. Moist, sheltered site. Not frost hardy, bring in for the winter. Plant - £5.50
c GROMWELL Lithospermum officinalis 60cm. Creamy-white flowered native plant rich in calcium and silicon. The seeds and leaves are reputed to act as a mild contraceptive.Sow the seeds outside in the autumn. Plant - £2.50
Seeds - £2.00
GROUND IVY (Nathair lus) Glechoma hederacea 10cm. Aromatic creeping ivy-like foliage and blue-violet flowers in spring. Has many curative properties including those for bronchial and digestive problems. Ground cover for shaded spots. Plant - £3.50
c GUELDER ROSE Viburnum opulus 2000cm. Deciduous shrub with white flowers, rich autumn colour and red edible (when cooked) berries. Used in homoeopathy and traditional medicine as an antispasmodic. Seeds available, sow outside in the autumn. Seeds - £3.50
GYPSYWORT (Feoran curraidh) Lycopus europaeus 60cm. A native species with deeply cut pointed leaves containing properties that can reduce bleeding and help regulate blood sugar levels. Plant - £3.50
HARTS' TONGUE (Creamh mac fiadh) Asplenium scolopendrium P E 30cm. A luxuriant fern with broad, long, deep green fronds with distinct transverse spore cases. Used in homoeopathy and by herbalists as a liver and spleen astringent. Moist shaded situation. Plant - £4.50
HELLEBORE, BLACK/CHRISTMAS ROSE Helleborus niger 60cm. Pure white blossoms in winter/early spring. The (poisonous) rhizome was once used as a cardiotonic, and externally for ulcers: today in homoeopathy. Plant - £5.50
HELLEBORE, GREEN Helleborus viridis   30cm. Native herbaceous perennial for slightly moist shaded site. Greeny-yellow flowers in winter /early spring. Poisonous and no longer used in medicine. Do not handle if skin sensitive. Plant - £7.50
HELLEBORINE, WHITE Veratrum album 90cm. An important homoeopathic remedy is extracted from the (toxic) root of this European native herbaceous perennial. A very handsome plant with large distinct leaves and magnificent white flower spikes in the summer, it prefers a slightly moist, shaded area. Plant - £7.50
c HEMP, AGRIMONY (Cnaib uisge) Eupatorium cannabinum 90cm. A handsome native perennial, producing masses of large lilac flowers. A herbal and homoeopathic remedy for colds and influenza. Plant - £3.50
Seeds - £2.00
HEMP, BLACK INDIAN Apocynum cannabinum 90cm. Cream coloured insectivorous flowers, bright green foliage exuding a milk juice. Used in anthroposophical medicine. Plant - £7.50
a HENBANE (Gabhann) Hyoscyamus niger 45cm. A witches herb, bearing most beautiful but strangely scented bell-flowers, coloured creamy-yellow, tinged with purple-violet. Poisonous but also an anthroposophical remedy for heart regulation. Do not grow in the culinary herb garden and where children have access. Plants usually available from may to june in nursery. Plant - £3.50
Seeds - £2.00
HERB ROBERT (Lus and Rois) Geranium robertianum PE  40cm. Native biennial or perennial with palmate divided aromatic foliage followed by small pink flowers. The leaves can be used externally for skin healing and internally for gum and throat issues. Plant - £2.50
c HERB BENNET (Machall Coille) Geum urbanum Bi  30cm. Native biennial that is used in traditional and homeopathic medicine for inflammations and nerve problems.It prefers a moist semi-shaded site and produces small but attractive yellow flowers Plant - £3.50
Seeds - £2.00
HERB PARIS Paris quadrifolia 20cm. A rare and remarkable native poisonous plant with four or more whorls of leaves,attractive yellowy-green flowers and a blue/black berry. Used in homoeopathy . Enjoys a shaded site in summer with a humus rich soil. Plant - £7.50
HOLY GRASS (Vanilla grass) Hierochloe odorata P RR 30cm. A vanilla scented perennial grass. The oil distilled from the leaf is used in perfumery, confectionery, soft drinks and tobacco. Plant - £3.50
HOREHOUND, BLACK Ballota nigra 30cm. Aromatic native perennial with small pink flowers, used in herbal medicine, mainly to reduce nausea. Plant - £3.50
HOREHOUND, WHITE (Grabhan bàn) Marrubium vulgare 30cm. Bushy, white felted, aromatic leaves and whorls of whitish flowers. One of the more popular herbal cough and cold remedies, and it can be candied to help soothe sore throats and coughs. Plant - £3.50
HOUSELEEK (Lus nan cluas) Sempervivum tectorum P E 10cm. Hardy native cactus-like plant, good in the rock garden, producing rosettes of attractive spiky red-green leaves and sometimes pink flowers. The leaf-juice provides relief for burns, stings and inflammations and preceeded the introduction of Aloe vera. Plant - £2.50
a HYSSOP, BLUE (Isop) Hyssopus officinalis P E 45cm. An aromatic semi-evergreen bushy herb, bearing brilliant blue flowers that are enjoyed by butterflies. Excellent for sore throats, coughs, colds. A sprig in a stew provides a warm flavour. Plant - £3.50
Seeds - £2.00
HYSSOP, DWARF Hyssopus officinalis aristatus P E 20cm. Neat aromatic bush, ideal for rock gardens producing clumps of blue flowers in late summer. Plant - £3.50
HYSSOP, PINK Hyssopus officinalis roseus P E 45cm. Bright pink flower spikes. Hyssop leaf applied to the skin helps reduce inflammations, bruises and stings. Plant - £3.50
HYSSOP, WHITE Hyssopus officinalis albus P E 45cm. White flowers enjoyed by bees. Hyssop in food aids digestion and improves appetite. Plant - £3.50
IKARISO /HORNY GOAT WEED Epimedium macranthum /grandiflorum 30cm. From Japan, a lovely herbaceous perennial with anchor shaped pink flower petals and in late summer coppery-bronze foliage. Enjoys a semi shaded site . Used in Kampo medicine, for example to help clear bronchial problems and asthma.. Plant - £10.00
INDIAN CUP-PLANT Silphium perfoliatum 90cm. From western USA an attractive herbaceous perennial with large yellow flowers. The root is used in traditional medicine as a general restorative. Plant - £7.50
IRIS, GARDEN. Iris germanica   60cm. A fine herbaceous perennial with lovely large blue flowers .It is used in homeopathy providing several remedies. Not for home medical use. Plant - £5.50
a JACOB'S LADDER Polemonium caeruleum 90cm. Traditional cottage garden herbaceous perennial bearing masses of fine blue flowers. Once used for headaches and neuralgia.Sow seeds outside. Plant - £2.50
Seeds - £2.00
JAPANESE HYACINTH / Ophiopogon japonicus 30cm. An evergreen ground cover medicinal herb with "flowing" foliage, small lilac bell-like flowers followed with blue berries. The tubers give us a soothing remedy for cough and fevers. Plant - £5.50
JAPANESE RUSH / SEKISHO Acorus gramineus 15cm. Native to China and Japan. Small fan-like leaves that grow well in a moist part-shaded situation. The rhizome can be stir-fried and acts as an anti-bacterial digestive. Plant - £5.50
KAWA-KAWA Piper excelsum HHPE  90cm. A native of north island New Zealand where it grows prolifically under the bush canopy. In northern areas of the UK it is best grown as a half hardy perennial, keeping in a shaded place in a frost free greenhouse or conservatory for the winter, place outside in a warm summer or for exposed gardens in a shaded polytunnel. An evergreen shrub with glossy leaves that have a spicy tingly flavour. Maoris have used the leaves in an anti-inflammatory ointment and the seeds as a spice. Sorry sold out. Plant - £18.00
KHAT Catha edulis HHPE  90cm. A small tree originating from the countries bordering the Red Sea but surprisingly almost hardy here. Grow like a Bay tree in a large pot and bring inside to a cool greenhouse or sheltered place during cold winters. The leaves and stems have a reddish hue and can be infused (in moderation) as a herb tea providing a very mild mental stimulant and appetite suppressant.This effect can be similar to drinking a cup of tea ( Camellia sinensis )or coffee ( Coffea arabica). Plant - £12.00
Large Plant - £26.00
KUTKI Picrorhiza kurroa/scrophularifolia 15cm. A Himalayan alpine threatened due to over harvesting. The root and leaf act as bitter tonics and the elaborate blue flowers are a welcome addition to the rock garden. Plant - £7.50
LADIES MANTLE, ALPINE Alchemilla alpina 15cm. Found at high altitude in the Highlands of Scotland, a very hardy survivor of rocky exposed habitats. The root and leaf can be harvested and applied either fresh or dried, mainly as a wound healer and for skin problems. Plant - £3.50
LADYS MANTLE (Copan an druichd) Alchemilla xanthochlora/vulgaris 20cm. Graceful fan-shaped pleated leaves and yellow green flowers. For menstruation problems and as a wound herb. Plant - £2.50
LIFE EVERLASTING (Cnamh lus) Antennaria dioica 10cm. Ground cover rock garden plant. Rosettes of silvery leaves and white flowers. Contains astringent properties. Plant - £3.50
LILY OF THE VALLEY (Lill nan ḷn) Convallaria majalis 15cm. The wild variety with broad leaves, fragrant white bell-shaped flowers and red berries. Valued as a cardiac tonic. Plant - £3.50
LILY, MARTAGON Lilium martagon 90cm. Several liliums from the Himalayas are used in food and medicine. The bulbs are considered useful for cardiac problems and angina, the flowers in ovarian neuralgia. Plant - £4.50
Seeds - £2.00
LIQUORICE FERN Polypodium glycyrrhiza 10cm. North American native with a rhizome that has a delicate liquorice flavour, traditionally used to help clear coughs. Grow in dapple shade. Plant - £7.50
g LOBELIA INFLATA ( Indian Tobacco ) Lobelia Inflata A Bi 30cm. Violet-blue flowered north American herb. Poisonous internally but may be used externally for bruises, sprains and inflammations. Sow seeds under glass in march/april, slow to germinate. Plants sometimes available in september Plant - £3.50
Seeds - £3.50
MADDER (Madar) Rubia tinctorum 90cm. Creeping/climbing herb with yellow star-like flowers. Native to south eastern Europe . The root yields a red dye, and is also used in homeopathy. Plant - £4.50
MADDER, WILD (Madar) Rubia peregrina 90cm. Native climbing perennial with small roots used for dying fabrics. Madders are used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for their anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties.Host plant for Humming bird hawk moth larvae. Plant - £4.50
MANDRAKE, AMERICAN Podophyllum peltatum 30cm. Umbrella-like poisonous leaves. A powerful medicine was once extracted from the rhizome. Moist, shaded site. Plant - £7.50
c MANDRAKE, ENGLISH Bryonia cretica ssp. dioica 200cm. 'White Bryony'. Vine-like native plant with red (poisonous) berries. Its large tuberous roots are used in medical preparations for arthritis and rheumatism and in homoeopathy for coughs and headaches. Plant - £4.50
Seeds - £3.50
c MANDRAKE, EUROPEAN Mandragora officinalis 10cm. Purple-white flowers followed by green/ yellow fruits. Once had an extensive medical reputation and received many unusual superstitions. Poisonous, but beneficial in homoeopathy for rheumatism .Prefers a sheltered site outside with a well drained soil and some shade in the summer.Plants are available from september to march. Sold out - more available autumn 2024 Small Plant - £12.00
Large Plant - £26.00
Seeds - £7.50
c MANDRAKE, HIMALAYAN Podophyllum hexandrum / emodii 45cm. From Tibet and northern India, a fascinating herb with pink flowers and large scarlet seed pods. It has a poisonous root used externally to treat warts. Moist, shaded site. Plant - £7.50
Seeds - £3.50
MANUKA Leptospermum scoparium PE  3000cm. An aromatic evergreen shrub or small tree from New Zealand that can be grown in a sheltered border. It is hardy here on the Black Isle north of Inverness. We grow the wild species ( not a cultivar) which has myrtle-like foliage and white/pink flowers that appear here in april/may and july. The bees that feed on the nectar provide us with the well known health giving honey. The bark and leaves also contain medicinal properties. Our young plants are usually about 20cm high. Plant - £7.50
a MARSH MALLOW (Leamhad) Althaea officinalis 90cm. Soft velvety grey-green leaves and pink flowers. Root, leaves and flowers contain soothing properties for inflammations, and externally for sprains and bruises.Sow the seeds outside. Plant - £3.50
Seeds - £2.00
MARSH MARIGOLD Caltha palustris 15cm. A popular native plant for the edge of a pool or moist area. The shining yellow sun-like flowers produce a yellow dye. Plant - £2.50
MARSH TEA Ledum palustre PE  60cm. A rare native of the northern UK that enjoys growing in slightly moist acid soil conditions such as a peat garden or edge of marsh. The creamy white flowers are most attractive ; the leaf has a strong scent that deters insects and was once used when dried in clothing. The herb fresh or dried should not be taken internally Plant - £10.00
MASTERWORT Peucadanum ostruthium 60cm. Native herbaceous perennial with pink/white flowers. The rhizome is utilised in homoeopathy, in traditional medicine and herbal liqueur. Prefers a moist site. Plant - £3.50
MEADOW SAFFRON Colchicum autumnale 15cm. Beautiful and delicate mauve-white late summer/early autumn flowers. The poisonous corm is used in homoeopathy for gout. A meadow plant that will grow and brighten up a semi-shaded site .Do not confuse with Saffron Crocus ..Crocus sativus . Plant - £3.50
c MEADOWSWEET (Crois Chuchulainn) Filipendula ulmaria 90cm. Creamy white flowers and leaves provide us with a natural headache remedy. They contain salicylic acid - better known as aspirin. Flowers flavour mead, wine or beer.Sow seeds outside in the autumn Plant - £3.50
Seeds - £2.00
a or c MILK THISTLE (Fothannan beannaichte) Silybum marianum Bi  180cm. Spectacular plant, producing enormous spined glossy green leaves with milk-white veins and large purple flowers. The seeds help us as a detoxicant and liver tonic. Sow outside in early spring or late summer Seeds - £2.00
MINT, JAPANESE. Mentha arvensis var piperescens. HP  40cm. From Japan and the most common mint for the production of menthol with its cooling and warming effect. It is much used in many foods, confectionary and medicines. Enjoys a slightly moist rich soil. Plant - £2.50
MINT, PERUVIAN. Minthostachys mollis ssp "Andina" HHPE  60cm. Better known in Peru as "Muna"or "Ishimuna( Quecha), makes one of our favourite herb teas especially as a digestive after a meal. There are local medicinal applications for example as a cleanser and to prevent coughs and colds. In northern parts of the UK grow as a half hardy perennial in a container. The delicious flavour varies according to the season, it is more mint-like in the summer, then the undertones of thyme and sage emerge in the winter. Plant - £7.50
MONKSHOOD (Curaichd mhànaich) Aconitum napellus 90cm. Popular border plant; deep green glossy foliage and violet-purple broadly hooded flowers. All parts are poisonous, but used in homoeopathy for colds and coughs. Grow well away from culinary herbs. Plant - £3.50
MORINA LONGIFOLIA Morina longifolia   60cm. From the upper Himalayan meadows and used locally as an ingredient of incense. An elegant herbaceous perennial with thistle-like leaves followed by beautiful deep to light pink flower spikes in late summer. The young leaves have a citrus-orange scent similar to that of Calamus. Plant - £5.50
Seeds - £3.50
a MOTHERWORT Leonurus cardiaca 90cm. A general tonic herb, 'allays nervousness, anxiaety and strengthens the heart, particularly for women.' Maple-like foliage and spires of mauve-pink flowers. Plant - £3.50
Seeds - £2.00
or C MOUNTAIN /OREGON GRAPE Mahonia aquifolium PE  150cm. From the Pacific north west, an evergreen shrub with leathery green leaves, fine yellow flowers followed by dark blue berries. The bark is used in traditional medicine to reduce toxins, also a yellow fabric dye,the flowers and leaves are good in floral displays, the fruit can be made into pies, jams and juices. It is at home growing in a semi-shaded place but better flowers and fruit appear in a more open habitat. Plant - £5.50
Seeds - £3.50
MUGWORT (Liath lus) Artemisia vulgaris 150cm. Large woody herbaceous plant, used to flavour drinks, fatty meats, repel insects ,in "smudge sticks" and in Chinese medicine. Plant - £3.50
c MULLEIN (Cuineal Mhuire) Verbascum thapsus Bi  150cm. Tall, stately biennial with large downy-white leaves and yellow flower spikes. Helps to relieve coughs, catarrh and asthma. Sow the seeds outside in the autumn. Plant - £2.50
Seeds - £2.00
a MUSKMALLOW, WHITE (Lus-nam-meall-móra) Malva moschata alba 60cm. A cottage garden favourite with pink centred white flowers. Leaves, root and flowers are mainly used for their mucilagenous content which soothes sore throats and skin complaints.Sow seeds outside in the spring. Plant - £3.50
Seeds - £2.00
NANTEN Nandina domestica 90cm. A hardy deciduous shrub from Japan with bamboo-like foliage,then white flowers followed by red berries. It is traditionally planted on the north-eastern side of houses or gardens to provide good luck and happiness. The berries are used in traditional medicine for coughs and asthma. Plant - £7.50
OXE EYE DAISY Leucanthemum vulgare HP  90cm. Native herbaceous perennial of meadows and waysides.The large daisy like flowers when infused can provide a herbal remedy for skin problems, bruises and sprains. Plant - £2.50
c PASQUE FLOWER Pulsatilla vulgaris 20cm. Spring (often Easter) flowering herb with rich mauve-purple flowers containing golden stamens. Yields the homeopathic remedy Pulsatilla and has numerous medical uses. Suitable for the rock garden. Plant - £4.50
Seeds - £2.00
c PASQUE FLOWER , LESSER Pulsatilla pratensis 30cm. A larger leaved form of P.vulgaris with drooping mauve or purple flowers usually showing at Easter. It is preferred by some homeopaths Plant - £4.50
Seeds - £2.00
PASSION FLOWER, WILD Passiflora incarnata HHP  200cm. A perennial deciduous climber from north America with elaborate and strikingly beautiful aromatic flowers. The whole plant is a well known herbal sedative usually in combination with hop and valerian. It is half hardy in the UK so bring in for the winter. Plant - £7.50
PELLITORY-OF-THE-WALL (Lus a bhallaidh) Parietaria officinalis / judaica 45cm. Grow this bushy plant on or near a wall; coral red stems, ovate leaves and clustered green-yellow flowers. Stimulates the kidney action, and externally a wound herb. Plant - £3.50
PEONY Paeonia officinalis 30cm. Rich red single flowered "wild" variety. The root contains sedative, antispasmodic and diuretic properies , for use by qualified practitioners only.Enjoys well drained good garden soil and a little shade. Plant - £10.00
PERIWINKLE, GREATER Vinca major P E 60cm. Striking mauve-blue flowers and smooth, waxy foliage. Used to stop internal and external bleeding and reduce high blood pressure. Plant - £3.50
PERIWINKLE, LESSER Vinca minor P E 10cm. Prostrate evergreen undershrub with small but bright blue-violet flowers. Ground cover for a shaded site. External uses include nosebleed, sore throat and mouth ulcers. Internally a cerebral stimulant like Gingko. Plant - £3.50
PERIWINKLE, LESSER VARIEGATED Vinca minor aureovariegata P E 10cm. Creeping evergreen foliage edged with cream, giving interesting colour even in mid-winter. Plant - £3.50
PLANTAIN, GREATER Plantago major 15cm. A native perennial for the wild garden due to its self- seeding nature. The young leaves in the spring are edible either fresh or cooked. The leaves and seeds have many medical applications, internally mainly as an astringent, and externally for example as a wound healer. Plant - £3.50
Seeds - £2.00
PLANTAIN, RIBWORT (Slan Lus) Plantago lanceolata   30cm. A native healing herb for the wild garden where it should self sow. Its has similar uses as the greater plantain. Plant - £3.50
c or s POKEROOT Phytolacca decandra/americana 120cm. Used externally for skin diseases, ulcers and rheumatism and in homoeopathy for sore throats. Handsome but poisonous plant with long deep purple (but toxic) fruits These can self sow so cut them off before birds eat them. Plant - £4.50
Seeds - £3.50
POLYPODY (Cloch reathneih) Polypodium vulgare 20cm. Fern with a creeping rhizome that is a useful remedy for coughs and catarrh. Moist, shaded site. Plant - £3.50
a POPPY, OPIUM (Codalian) Papaver somnifernum 60cm. An easily grown medicinal herb that creates an important medicine. Beautiful mauve and maroon flowers. Use the seeds on bread, cakes and curries. Sow outside in the spring, we can offer seeds by the gram, for example 5 grams for £7, 10 grams for £12.00 Seeds - £2.00
a POPPY, RED (An cromlus) Papaver dubium 30cm. A syrup produced from the flowers provides us with a sedative to soothe coughs. Seeds for bread and cakes.This is the local species in the fields here which has a paler red flower colour . Seeds - £2.00
PRIMROSE (Lus nam muisean) Primula vulgaris 15cm. Native usually on edge of woodland. Early summer creamy-yellow flowers, very suitable for a slightly shaded moist wild garden . Anti-inflammatory leaves for minor wounds, flowers for salads and a mild sedative tisane when plentiful. Plant - £2.50
PULICARIA INSIGNIS Pulicaria insignis HP  20cm. An easily grown sub-alpine from the dry meadows, screes and rockfaces of eastern Tibet that is used in traditional medicine. Grow in your rock garden. It has cheerful bright mauve daisy-like flowers in early and sporadically throughout the summer. Plant - £5.50
PURPLE FLAG Iris germanica   80cm. A lovely vigorous purple flowered medicinal perennial.It will brighten any herbaceous border. The rhizome is used in homeopathy. Plant - £5.50
QUININE, WILD Parthenium integrifolium 90cm. A fine cream flavoured herbaceous perennial once used by north American Indians It is reputed to have similar immune enhancing properties as Echinacea and was also taken as a quinine substitute. Plant - £4.50
RASPBERRY, WILD (Subh-craoibh) Rubus idaeus 150cm. Wild stock from our croft. Raspberry leaf tea has a good reputation for easing labour pains; externally it may also be used as an eyewash, mouthwash or for ulcers and wounds. Plant - £3.50
RHUS TOXICODENDRUM Rhus radicans   150cm. 'Poison Ivy'. Beautiful but fiery (and dangerous to touch) deciduous shrub with autumn coloured foliage. It can cause a very severe allergic response. Homoeopathy makes use of it as a remedy for chicken pox and eczema. We can only supply to accredited growers. Plant - £12.00
c ROCK ROSE Helianthemum nummularium 10cm. Profuse yellow flowers and creeping foliage. A Bach 'rescue' flower remedy for fear, accident or illness. Plant - £3.50
a ROSEROOT (Lus nan Laoch) Rhodiola rosea 30cm. An attractive blue/green leaved and yellow flowered herbaceous succulent perennial found on Scottish sea cliffs in the north and west. In Scandanavia, Russia and Iceland it has been used for centuries to enhance physical and mental endurance, preventing fatigue and stress. Modern research has confirmed this and an extract from the root is available. The Scots gaelic name means " Plant of the hero or champion ". It will grow well in a rock garden. Plant - £4.50
Seeds - £3.50
a RUE, COMMON (Ru) Ruta graveolens P E 60cm. 'Herb of Grace'. Evergreen blue-green leaves and small yellow flowers. Medicinal, provides us with a homeopathic remedy for arthritis and rheumatism. The fresh leaf can cause an allergic response on sensitive skins so cover up when handling. Plant - £4.50
Seeds - £2.00
RUE, JACKMAN'S BLUE Ruta graveolens P E 60cm. Deep bluish foliage with a scent reminiscent of gorse flowers on a spring day. Bunched yellow flowers. Wear gloves when handling if you have a sensitive skin. Plant - £5.50
RUPTUREWORT (Lus an t'sicnich) Herniaria glabra P E 5cm. Hardy ground cover, producing minute green leaves and flowers. An active diuretic for the kidney and bladder. Plant - £3.50
a SAINT JOHN'S WORT (Eala bhuidhe) Hypericum perforatum 80cm. An important herb with cheery yellow clustered flowers. Contains antiviral and antiseptic properties that help reduce anxiety, tension and menstrual problems. Externally the flowers make an infused oil for skin problems.Sow outside in the spring. Plant - £2.50
Seeds - £2.00
SAINT JOHNS WORT , UPRIGHT / OTOGIRISO Hypericum erectum   90cm. A native of Japan that can provide help with the relief of rheumatism and neuralgic pain and is usually taken as an infusion, sometimes in Saki. The whole plant contains astringent and diuretic properties. A lovely yellow flowered herbaceous perennial growing up to 3ft/90 cms high. Plant - £4.50
SANGUISORBA CANADENSIS Sanguisorba canadensis 90cm. A large American herbaceous perennial related to our Salad Burnet and having similar medicinal value as an astringent cooling herb. Creamy-white flower spikes in late summer loved by beneficial insects. Plant - £4.50
c SANICLE (Reagha maighe) Sanicula europaea 30cm. Woodland herb, a primary vulnerary and blood purifier. Makes a gargle for sore throat, catarhh or coughs, externally used for rashes and inflammations. Plant - £2.50
Seeds - £2.00
SCOPOLIA Scopolia carniolica 45cm. From Hungary, smaller but resembling Belladonna in appearance and use. Poisonous. Plant - £5.50
SCULLCAP, BAIKAL Scutellaria baicalensis 30cm. The 'cooling' root of this bright blue flowering hardy perennial from Russia and Mongolia has many medicinal applications .A lovely plant for the front of the border. Plant - £4.50
SCULLCAP, COMMON Scutellaria galericulata 20cm. Smaller native species, blue flowered and sharing similar properties to the Baikal Scullcap.(We supply the creeping rhizome bare rooted) Plant - £3.50
SCULLCAP, VIRGINIAN Scutellaria lateriflora 45cm. From north america. A bushy herbaceous perennial with small but numerous blue flowers, that in the later stage of flowering resemble skull/head caps. An important remedy for headaches, neuralgia and nervous disorders.(We supply the creeping rhizome bare rooted ) Plant - £4.50
c SELF-HEAL (Dubhan ceann cḥsach) Prunella vulgaris   16cm. Important woodland healing herb; attractive violet flower spikes and lush foliage. a bruised leaf will help stay nosebleeds, bind cuts and soothe burns and bruises. Ground cover for a shaded site.Sow outside in the autumn. Plant - £2.50
Seeds - £2.00
SENKYU Cnidium officinalis   60cm. From China and Japan. Kampo medicine uses the root as a blood purifier and tonic for irregular periods and anaemia usually in combination with other herbs. A vigorous perennial with feathery foliage and white flowers. Plant - £5.50
SENRYO Sarcandra glabra HHP  1500cm. A half hardy subshrub from Japan and south-east asia, that has many medicinal uses including immune enhancing properties. The leaves can be infused and the bright red berries are edible.The stems and berries are used for New Year decorations.Grow in a container in conservatory or greenhouse , place outside in warm summers. Plant - £7.50
SNAKEROOT, BLACK Cimicifuga simplex HP  1800cm. Tall elegant herbaceous perennial from Japan with lovely sweet scented white flowers in late summer that attract many beneficial insects.The root is called "Sarashina-shoma" and has been used for mouth and throat inflammations and skin rashes. Plant - £7.50
SOLOMONS SEAL Polygonatum multiflorum / odoratum 60cm. Graceful lily, leaves clasped to arching stems from which dangle clustered, sweet scented cream flowers. The powdered rhizome is utilised for bruises, swellings and inflammations. Prefers a shade site Plant - £3.50
SPIKENARD, AMERICAN Aralia racemosa 60cm. American Indian herb. The root is used for rheumatic and cutaneous disorders and in Ayurvedic medicine. Plant - £7.50
SPIKENARD, CALIFORNIAN Aralia californica 1500cm. Also known as Californian ginseng.A very large herbaceous perennial It has aromatic roots, beneficial for lung problems, and sweet berries. Prefers a moist soil and some shade. Plant - £7.50
g SPIKENARD, HIMALAYAN. Nardostachys grandiflora / jatamansi 15cm. A small but potent alpine with bunched jasmine scented rosy-pink flowers, now in decline in the high Himalayas due to overharvesting of the valerian-patchouli scented roots. The essential oil extracted from the root contains anti-fungal and anti- bacterial properties, that have a relaxing harmonising effect. It was used by Mary Magdalene to anoint the feet of Jesus. "Jatamansi" enjoys a slightly acid, well drained soil in a rock garden. If you have wet conditions, cover with glass overwinter. Plant - £10.00
Seeds - £7.50
STAR OF BETHLEHEM Ornithogalum umbellatum 20cm. Pure white star-like flowers expanding in sunshine during the spring and early summer. A Bach flower remedy. Bulbs (3) - £3.50
SWEET BRIAR Rosa eglanteria/rubiginosa 180cm. A fast growing pink flowered rose that fills the garden air with a spicy-apple scent. Suitable for 'wild' hedging. Plant - £5.50
Seeds - £2.00
SWEET JOE-PIE Eupatorium purpureum 190cm. From N America, and named after an Indian healer. Handsome herbaceous plant, with purple stems and flowers. A restorative for kidney and urinary problems. Plant - £7.50
TEA TREE Melaleuca alternifolia  HHPE 3000cm. A traditional Australian aboriginal remedy well known for its aromatic antiseptic properties, being effective against bacterial and fungal infections as well as having several cosmetic uses. The fresh leaf may be rubbed onto stings, skin infections and abrasions; an inhaled infusion helps relieve coughs and colds. It may be either grown in a large container and brought in for the winter, or allowed to develop into a large shrub in a sheltered site outdside. It is hardy here growing by a south facing wall. Plant - £7.50
TEA TREE, LEMON Lectospermum petersonii HHPE  100cm. From eastern Australia, a lovely evergreen shrub with very aromatic and tasty lemon flavoured leaves. Grow in a good sized conservatory or in a large container for the patio during the summer . An essential oil is obtained from the leaves, prune occassionally to maintain shape and size Plant - £12.00
b THISTLE , SCOTS Onorpodum acanthium BI  200cm. A large vigorous biennial with grey/white prickly leaves and classic mauve flowers. For heart conditions, cancers and ulcers. Loved by bumble bees and butterflies. Plant - £3.50
Seeds - £2.00
TORMENTIL (Braonan fruich) Potentilla erecta/tormentilla 10cm. Bright yellow flowered herb. The rhizome provides us with a safe and powerful astringent medicine for sore throats, cuts, grazes and minor burns. Dye plant. Acidic soil. Plant - £3.50
TSUWABUKI/LEOPARD PLANT Farfugium japonicum HP  60cm. Japanese medicinal herb. Large glossy kidney shaped leaves up to 60 cms high. Yellow daisy-like flowers in the winter. Likes some shade and shelter from hard frosts. Plant - £12.00
VALERIAN ,PERUVIAN / WAGER WETA Valeriana rigida HP  10cm. An alpine from the Peruvian Andes in the Cordillero Blanca from 3 to 4.500 metres. It has a dwarf rosette of star shaped lanceolate evergreen leaves with creamy white central flowers. It often forms large "mats " in the wild beside watercourses. The roots are used like other Valerians to help reduce anxiety, insommnia and nervous issues. Grow in a sunny open place with some moisture. Plant - £5.50
VALERIAN, CELTIC / SPEICK Valeriana celtica  HP 30cm. A protected alpine from the Austrian Carinthian alps. It enjoys a similar habitat and properties as Himalayan Spikenard -Nardostachys grandiflora. The flowers are creamy and clustered. It is the aromatic root that has been used in the past as a gentle nerve sedative and relaxant. Today it is harvested locally in a regulated sustainable way and an essence is blended into a special aromatic soap. It likes to grow in a rock garden in acidic soil but in wet areas cover with some glass overwinter. Plant - £10.00
c VALERIAN, COMMON (Lus nan tri bhilean) Valeriana officinalis 90cm. Sweet-scented prolific flesh-pink flowers. A natural sedative, the rhizome being effective for promoting sleep and calming nerves. Sow the seeds outside in the autumn. Plant - £2.50
Seeds - £2.00
VALERIAN, HIMALAYAN Valeriana jatamansi 20cm. A dwarf medicinal Valerian which is found in moist shaded areas of the upper Himalayan pine forest. Contains similar properties as Common Valerian, and the bright,bonny,bunched light pink flowers in the spring are one of our favourites. Grow in some shade in the summer in some lightly moist soil. Plant - £7.50
c VERVAIN (Trombhod) Verbena officinalis 60cm. Massed, minute flowers creating a haze of colour. For treating nervous problems, pre-menstrual tension, menopausal conditions and used in homoeopathy. Plant - £3.50
Seeds - £2.00
a VETCH, BITTER or MOUNTAIN (Carmeal) Lathyrus montanus / linifolius 30cm. Native to upland areas of the UK producing pink/blue flowers. When sucked fresh the small root nodules have a liquorice-like flavour, that acts like a tonic reducing hunger and providing mild stimulation. Good for long distance trekking. Plant - £4.50
Seeds - £3.50
VINCETOXICUM OFFICINALIS/HIRUNDINARIA Vincetoxicum officinalis/hirundinaria 60cm. Traditional medicine utilised this European woodland herb as an emetic. It has unusual oblong poisonous foliage, creamy-white flowers and large seed pods. Plant - £5.50
a or c VIOLA, HEARTSEASE Viola tricolour varia A Bi 20cm. Bright velvet flowers almost all year round, an old favourite. An ointment using the herb relieves skin troubles, eczema and in homoeopathy for similar reasons. Plant - £2.50
Seeds - £2.00
WALL GERMANDER Teucrium chamaedrys 30cm. Dark green oak-like leaves and whorls of rose-pink flowers, good for dwarf hedging or near a wall. It may be taken for dyspepsia or used in liqueurs, vermouths and tonic wines. Plant - £3.50
WALLPEPPER (Grafan nan clach) Sedum acre 10cm. Bright yellow star-shaped flowers and small succulent leaves for minor burns and grazes. Plant - £2.50
WITCH HAZEL, AMERICAN Hammamelis virginiana   A beautiful and valuable shrub or small tree producing brilliant yellow flowers clustered along the branches in autumn. The bark or leaves provide relief from the pain of burns, bruises, sprains and insect bites. Plant - £7.50
c WOLFSBANE Aconitum lycoctonum ssp. vulparia 60cm. An interesting plant with yellow 'helmeted' flowers. Contains poisonous properties similar to those of Monkshood. Plant - £5.50
Seeds - £3.50
WORMWOOD, COMMON (Buramaide) Artemisia absintium 90cm. Shrubby border plant; silver-grey aromatic foliage which once flavoured absinthe. A bitter tonic for enfeebled digestion, also expels worms. Keeps moths from clothing. Plant - £3.50
WORMWOOD, ROMAN Artemisia pontica 45cm. A fine and delicate Artemisia with numerous small yellow flowers. Employed in flavouring liquers. Medicinally as above. Plant - £3.50
a YARROW (Lus na fala) Achillea millefolium 60cm. Combined with elderflowers and peppermint, this healing herb helps clear colds and fevers. The fresh leaf infused and applied in a poultice, aids wound recovery. Sow the seeds outside in the spring. Plant - £3.50
Seeds - £2.00
c YELLOW FLAG Iris pseudacorus 75cm. A bright yellow flowered native iris which enjoys the edge of water. The rhizome was once used in medicine and also provides a black dye. Plant - £3.50
Seeds - £2.00
a YETI PLANT Silene yeti / Melandrium glandulosum 60cm. A hardy annual from Tibet with cream coloured flowers. Used in traditional medicine. Sow outside in the spring. These seeds are grown at Poyntzfield but are being sold on behalf of ROKPA, a charity that is helping to set up a medicinal herb conservation project in Tibet. Seeds - £3.50
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